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expired HTC Vive - Virtual Reality Headset $708.56 Delivered @ Newegg


Did a quick check on latest prices and found this at Newegg delivered to QLD for $708….

  • Vive is built from the ground up for room-scale VR, which allows you to physically move around objects in the virtual space
  • With more than 500 games and growing for SteamVR, everything you love about Steam is now available in VR
  • An adjustable headset and multiple eye relief adjustments, including lens distance and IPD, to make Vive comfortable and clear
  • Wireless controllers designed specifically for VR make interactions with objects natural and intuitive
  • Enjoy a safe, convenient experience with Chaperone bounds of your play area, a front-facing camera to view the real world and notifications from your phone in VR

2 face cushions
1 nose rest
2 wireless controllers
2 base stations
3-in-1 cable
Link box
Cables, chargers and accessories
Code to redeem free promotional content
Free 1-month acces to Viveport subscription

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    For those that purchase this they are also one of the few stores that ship the tpcast here.


    Forgive my ignorance, you need to connect this to a powerful PC?


    Dayum, now it's less than half the price I payed. Great deal for anyone interested


    Is this worth the extra over the Oculus Rift? You can get the from 449 USD (about 583 AUD) delivered from Oculus. I'm keen to try VR but not sure if the Vive is worth the extra?


      Base on the internet, Rift has less screen door effect but Vive has better tracking (slight?).

      Samsung odyssey has worse tracking but better resolution (less screen door).

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      I own a Rift, but will try and give the pros and cons for both as best as I can from both what I've read and personal experiences.

      Rift advantages:
      - Better motion controllers
      - Less screendoor effect
      - Cheaper
      - Bundled games are better (but this is subjective, I believe Robo Recall is a much better tailored VR experience than FO4 VR)
      - Integrated headphones

      Rift disadvantages:
      - Facebook?
      - Unsure of next gen peripheral compatibility
      - Slightly worse at doing roomscale (a 3rd sensor would make it on par with the Vive, but that requires an additional purchase)
      - Sensors require USB connection to the PC

      Vive advantages:
      - Easier for people to wear glasses with the headset on
      - Lighthouses and controllers are compatible with the upcoming Vive Pro and possibly beyond
      - Better roomscale tracking out of the box

      Vive disadvantages:
      - No integrated headphones, only 3.5mm jack (deluxe audio strap available as an additional purchase which makes it on par or slightly better than the Rift's out of the box experience)
      - Worse controllers (both in ease of use and tracking features, however the upcoming 'knuckles' controllers look very promising and should be compatible with existing Vive systems)

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      Forget the Rift or Vive. Get the WMR headset. Easier setup, better resolution, can be used to play any VR games.


        Tracking isnt the greatest, but if you can grab one cheaper then sure. Not all VR games are straight up compatible, but yeah, it ain't hard to make it work with some workarounds


          Tracking isn’t that great on the Rift or Vive either. Sure, it can still track behind your head but how often do you need to do that. I rather have a system that doesn’t need a permanent sensor setup.


          @ca6leguy: It's plenty better than the windows headsets, and if you're trying to play vive/rift games, you might get a bit disjointed in the game.

          Considering the WMR headsets are about the same price as the vive/rift anyway, its better to get the more complete unit in my opinion

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        This. I own a WMR headset and have played on a friend's Vive numerous times. The WMR is a better headset and is cheaper.
        WMR headsets are better resolution than the original Vive, are lighter, and dont require setting up cameras/lighthouses for roomscale, just plug'n'play!
        The negatives is that the tracking is slightly worse (cant track controllers if you raise them high above your head, etc) but i havent found this to be a problem. Other negative is that it doesnt come with headphones, need to use your own.

        A lot of these were bundled with laptops recently so lots of ppl selling them off cheap on ebay/gumtree. I picked mine up for $300 aud new, which is pretty great compared to other headset prices.

        Most WMR headsets are close to identical, but some are still a bit better than others. From my research, it goes a bit like this:
        Samsung > Lenovo > HP > Dell > Acer
        I own the lenovo one (samsung are a price bracket above all the others)


      Yes, you also won't be supporting Facebook.

      I wouldn't switch if I already had one, but if I had to choose again I'd choose the Vive 100/100 times.


    This isn’t the new version that’s coming out though is it?


      The new version isn't all that exciting, it has the benefit of the deluxe features built in, but the resolution is only a slight QoL change, makes it easier to see certain detail and read text.

      It's probably worth getting the new version if you can get a complete pack at around the same price, but it seems like you have to buy the HMD solo?


        Gotcha. Keen on getting into some VR but trying to work out if I should jump on this deal or go for another brand like the Rift or WMR


    genuine question please don't roast me hahaha…
    Is a Microsoft Surface Book 2 - 15"/512GB/Intel Core i7 good enough?
    Memory - 16GB RAM 1866MHz LPDDR3
    Graphics - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 discrete GPU w/6GB GDDR5 graphics memory
    Processor - 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8650U quad-core processor, 4.2GHz Max Turbo

    i think someone said the processor needs to be 9th gen for VR gaming…
    has anyone tried the 15 inch surface book 2 for VR gaming?

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      Hmm I could be wrong but a friend of mine is a VR dev and he said that GTX960 and beyond can all handle VR, and you have a newer gen i7 so I think you're fine to run it.


        oh thanks so much for your answer! I tried going through youtube, but there aren't any specific videos on it