So How Was Your Latest Shipment of Geronimo Jerky?

Mine's arriving today. Just seeing other's thoughts after the recent drama.

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Geronimo Jerky
Geronimo Jerky


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    Like my previous comment they were super super dry. My tooth fell off from these jerks :(

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    Dry as a dead dingo's donger. My jaw ached after eating 1 pack not sure how I'm going to get through 30 :(. Do they have a refund policy?

    • Yes, 80% of product returned gets you a refund. That's what they offered me.

      It's not a change of mind, the dryness really makes it inedible.

  • I love my jerky a bit on the drier side, so my last lot was fantastic, ordered another lot last night :D

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    Just got mine. Flavours are great but way too dry for my liking. Probably pass from now.

  • Way way too dry. Teeth breaking. Inconsistent flavours too. Avoid.

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    The pieces are way too thin now. It looks like shiny red plastic. Just looks really artificial. :/

  • I get mine from D.Jays Gourmet (not affiliated)
    They've got jerky, biltong (dry, medium, moist), snapsticks, droewors, boerewors. Highly recommend it all :)

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    Just got my 10x bags of pow wow.

    Super unhappy as it's thin, dry, tasteless and difficult to eat.

    I remember it being so good the first time…this will probably go in the bin its that bad. :(

    • That's really upsetting. I love their flavours but it's just way too tough!!

    • Refund was offered to me if I returned 80% of the product. I put it out for a party so no go, but your future could be better than mine!

      • Only opened 1 bag so hopefully they offer a refund, as I have emailed them.

        • If they don't, pm me and I'll forward you their response to help you escalate the issue.

  • i think i waited 6 weeks for delivery and this was terrible.

    Sent an email asking to return also. So thin

    • I contacted their ozbargain rep, who is only online sometimes, but did reply eventually.

      Otherwise - Start a PayPal dispute - product not as described.

      It's described as the tastiest jerky on earth, so that work be hard to refute.

      More seriously though, inedible product should be ok to dispute.

  • No response to my email after a week or so so sent another.

    • Message their ozbargain rep.


      PayPal dispute - not as described - inedible.

  • I did like it, but agree it was very hard. I broke a filling which cost me $107 at the dentist.

  • I'd just like to advise community that this disgraceful company has taken $50 of my hard earned for 500g, taken 2 weeks to try and deliver product 5km and lost the package.

    When i approached the company via email ( phone number not present on website) I have had zero response. The courier company is taking 10 days to review their failure and in the mean time I have no guarantee from company of getting paid for product.

    <MOD: Remove name calling>

    • Hello Tightarse,

      We have to investigate this as we did everything according to what any business would do. We checked payment, produced and packed jerky and sent to you.
      The courier service has said they delivered it and you are saying you didn't receive it.

      I think its a bit harsh for you to not let us investigate this and find out what the courier company says. Yes you have paid us and in turn we have sent product, let us now find out what went wrong and get back to you.

      Kind Regards,


      • Mark,

        What is your companies malfunction? "Its a bit harsh", this is not primary school.

        I paid you for 1/2 kg of Jerky. You have my money. I have nothing.

        It took you over 2 weeks to respond to any correspondence from me via email. Can only assume thought i would go away.
        Your company is so gutless you dont provide any phone contact and neither does Sendle the company you employ to deliver items.

        The reason I dont have my goods is either you or Sendle stuffed this one up.

        What you should be doing is trying to solve this issue instead of washing hands of any responsibility.

        <MOD: Remove name calling>

        • Tightarse81,

          Like it has been established in emails, you sent us an order, we then filled and sent the order and according to all records it has been delivered.
          Weather it be intentional or not, you have not replied to a question I have asked 3 times in 3 separate emails trying to confirm your address…


  • See my comment here, no response from any of their emails and my order hasn't been shipped.

    • My order from 6th August arrived today.
      I'll probably wait and see how they go with their next deals rather than order again.

      Jerky itself is good quality and they gave me a free 40g bag of Sidewinder to apologise.

  • I have 2 orders - one from Oct 3rd, one from Sept 18th - neither have arrived yet (close to $200 worth of Jerky).
    Would much prefer to receive the order than get a refund via Paypal.
    Haven't been able to make contact with Geronimo through facebook, email, phone, etc.

    Suggestions? (Hopefully one of the Geronimo people who post here can assist?)

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