Electric Heater Suggestions for The Lounge Room

We are heavy users of the lounge room gas heater during winter and recently it was discovered our ancient heater is one of the two models with a CO risk (https://www.productsafety.gov.au/news/vic-program-in-place-t...)

Upon contacting the manufacturer they sent a gasfitter in a great hurry and he rightfully turned off the gas supply to the heater and left us with a tiny oil heater (which is a joke) until they could replace it. It seems the replacement is a long way away as they have to replace these in thousands of households and considering it is already mid April I don't want to have my hopes up that we'll have the heater fixed before winter.

The small lounge room is about 6m x6m and I'm thinking of getting a temporary electric heater till the old one is fixed/replaced. A fan forced one is preferred as this would heat up the room quickly like a gas heater would. Therefore not a big fan of oil heaters and since this is a temporary setup I would not really care about the power efficiency as long as it is going to heat up the room rapidly once turned on. Due to the same reason above I do not want to spend thousands or go for a reverse cycle unit but happy to spend few hundred dollars if I have to.

Any suggestions (heating method/brand/model) would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!


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    I prefer a nice wood heater but then again im not the best person around fire.

    I suggest going to bunnings for a nice priced model as they are all on display now.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. As a temporary solution I'm thinking of getting two of these: https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-2000w-wall-mount-ceramic-h...

      They are fan forced and hoping I wont overload the circuit with a combined power usage of 4000W I'm planning to install on two opposite walls

      • You cannot use 4000W on a single circuit if it's a typical home.

        • almost all houses have 20Amp power circuits, so as long as no other high current drawing appliances are on the same circuit it'll be fine :)
          edit; ohms law = power(in watts) divided by voltage (230v +10%,-6%)= Amps (4000/230= <18A)

      • You haven’t mentioned how well insulated your house is.

        Worst case scenario 2 * 2000w heaters is 4 kWh per hour * your cost per kWh.

        Hopefully a 6m x 6m room will heat up quickly and the heaters will then cycle on and off thermostatically reducing the overall running cost.

        Assuming they’re the same wattage any type of resistive electric heater (panel, fan, oil column, etc.) is going to have approximately the same output and running cost.

  • Build a fire place

  • I would have thought an electric column heater would be the best option, especially as a stop gap. These are cheap and do a great job, especially if you can close off the area you are heating. I take your point about they can be "slow" to heat the room, but I've been using these for ages and have never really had a problem in this regard.

  • Get a Nobo heater. They are electric and silent. Have good timer settings too.


    Noirot - You cant get a better heater. Quick to heat, effective, silent and cost effective. You can also get thermostat models to maintain a comfort level.

  • I'm aware of the reliability of both Nobo and Noroit but as stated in my post this is only for few months. So may not be the most cost effective solution

  • As an alternative to heating the room, what about using heated throws?
    You can snuggle under them and keep warm.
    They are cheap to buy (as low as $25), and extremely cheap to run, only taking 100 watts maximum, as opposed to 1 up to 3 kW for electric heaters.

  • Electricity will double your bills for the same amount of heater produced.
    Why not buy a $100 second hand unflued gas heater on ebay/gumtree to tide you over?

  • Wear two jumpers.