MI Box 4 Works in Australia?

HI, I am thinking of buying Chinese version of Mi Box 4 to watch Chinese tv shows in Australia. Has anyone tried it? Does it works? Do I need VPN?



    Does the app contain channels from paid subscription such as TVB?


    what are you trying to achieve?

    The tv box will work in australia - but the voice control only works in China.

    As an android tv box, you can install android apps and watch content. (Except anything that requires VP9 like Youtube).

    I am not sure if it will play netflix or content requiring the proper DRM & HDCP.

    Have a look at this…


      Is the Mi Box 4 just an empty box with Kodi on it? or does it have its own dedicated apps for watching Live TV etc like the TV Pad or Moonbox/Ev Pad?

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    I have mi box 3 with Chinese apps but I get errors saying I can't watch Chinese content due to me being outside of China.

    I am using nordvpn to connect to Hong Kong server but still gets the same error. I just want to watch chinese movies and TV shows. Mi box 4 seems to have the default interface just to do that.


    You can either buy an International Edition Mi Box series from Taobao (Chinese Ebay), or try to use the DNS from Unlock Youku. I think the former is better

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