Cabin bag recommendation

Hi all,

I have a really great expandable cabin size bag, however it's quite heavy, which is okay when also taking checked in baggage.

I'm going away in October for a few days (carry on luggage only) and looking for recommendations of lightweight, durable cabin bags/cases. Maximum cabin baggage allowance is 7kg.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks in advance


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    Fabric backpack………….and wear lots of layers on the plane.


      …and stuff all your tech in pockets 😊


      Hi, thanks, I'll have a look at this..seems very reasonably priced


        Cheapest that I have seen bought 2 myself very happy with them.


    Cabin Bag fanatic here! "Australian Luggage So-lite 1.8kg". It is actually 1.9kg tagged. Wheels are large and very manoeuverable. I think that I picked it up for approx $75. I used to have a 1.7 kg case that was great for weight, but the wheels were very small and hard to use.

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      More details found. so lite 3.0 AIR4044/18" Total Litres:40 - Dimensions 48x34x24cm 1.9KG


        Hi thanks for the suggestion, I'll look have a look