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Hi all,

I've recently started dabbling lightly with Crpto.

I'm currently using Coinspot, but have noticed their fees were a little high.

Does anyone have any recommendations on Aussie crypto exchanges?

I've BTC Market is apparently ok.



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    On/off ramp BTCMarkets or Independent Reserve. To trade for alts use binance.


      I've got some alts in a wallet. I'm really looking an exchange to be able to liquidate back to fiat.

      For some reason Coinspot doesn't allow you to transfer crypto back into your trading account?


    I haven't had any problems with BTC Markets. Crypto itself on the other hand…


    Independent Reserve has been very solid for me. 0.5% fees is good; but having said that the 'market orders' on Coinspot is 0.25% although I've not used it.

    Coinspot gets LTC transfers in for altcoin swaps, at 1%.

    BTCmarkets never got my business; I had no end of issues with signup & having to send them a Facebook PM to verify was a nightmare. After all that it was the most expensive (at the time) so I didn't bother.

    I've also got a CoinJar Swipe EFTPOS card; ideally it means I can swap & transfer any given funds across to my card & pull AUD out at any ATM/shop within minutes. Can't rely on these timeframes for any other withdrawal options, as bank transfers can be rather slow if you need emergency cash on a Friday night and the transfer might arrive next Tuesday…

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    Use Aus exchanges to buy BTC to tranafer to binance, cryptopia etc.


    You'd probably get the same result, save yourself some hassle and have some fun by pissing your money up the wall.


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