expired Pacific Boomerang A-Frame Car Rack | Towball Carrier (3 Bike) $139 (Was $179) @ 99 Bikes ($5 Club 99 Membership Required)


Pacific Boomerang A-Frame Car Rack | Towball Carrier (3 Bike) for $139 @ 99 Bikes. Must be a Club 99 member. 99 hr sale

I have been wanting to get a bike rack for the last year for me and the kiddies so when I got the email, I went and got one today. Awesome quality better than any ebay or Aldi Shite I have seen.

Definitely worth the share but you must be a member ($5 I think)

There are heaps of other promos worth a look up to 50% off RRP and you can see here, but I haven't had time to have a good look so if you come across something, please let others know in the comments. Ill look later but as is a 99 hr sale, better to share now than wait.

Up to 50% off 99 Bikes. (free delivery over $99)

Check all their promos here.


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    I got the 4-bike version of this for around $80 a couple of years back.

    It's a pain in the butt to use. It pivots around the towball constantly, so you need to secure the bikes to the car to stop them from swinging around and hitting it. I tried using a gasket/washer to tighten the towball further, but it doesn't help.


    What do you mean "must be a member"? A member of what? I am not a member and the car rack is also $139 in the checkout.

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      What do you mean "must be a member"? A member of what?

      OzBargain I presume…


      Its a members price. When you go in they check your ID to make sure you are a 99 Bikes member. HOWEVER I see they also do delivery as well so no idea how they police that.
      Saying that, worth being one. I get odd ball specials from time to time PLUS all the bikes in store (Not sure about accessories) have 2 prices. Member and non member. That can be more than $50 difference. Ive bought 3 bikes off them and a few other things (Me and the kiddies)

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    I brought my on GUMTREE recently, seem to be good deal too.


    Quick question to the experts in here.
    Whats the best bang for my buck for my 7 yr old bday (Turning) next week..

    https://www.99bikes.com.au/bike18-mongoose-rockadile-20-gree... ($299 with $20 off)
    https://www.99bikes.com.au/bike16-merida-matts-j20-boys-10in... ($319 with $20 off) apparently avail at my local store

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