Hotel in Bali - Recomendations

Aside from hubby, I must be the only person in Perth who has never been to Bali - warranted I only moved here from Syd 3 years ago. So I am after recommendations for a luxurious hotel where they have an awesome kids club & pool / slides. Budget around AUD$250 a night. As this is my first trip I want to stay where the shopping areas are - Kuta, Seminyak. There is just so many hotels to choose from & would love to hear your thoughts & recommendations. A search on Google has recommended Hard Rock Hotel. Went on the website & it looks rather cheesy… There are some nice hotels in Nua Dua but it looks so far away from civilisation…. Can you help?



    TripAdvisor has plenty of hotel reviews and filters for location and price.

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    Nusa Dua is actually far away from any culture, not civilisation (not that Kuta has much culture left either).


    Kuta is like your big city bar and brothel street. Seminyak has class and much better tourists. If you want privacy book your own Villa. If you want that social holiday feeling then book a hotel on Seminyak beach.


    We stayed in the Bali Dynasty Resort last year. I've no idea of the price.

    It has a free kids club with activities throughout the day (the activities changed on the hour and were a combination of indoor and outdoor activities). Some of the activities tied in with the hotel activities such as joining in with the highest splash competition in the pool, and others were completely separate eg fishing with bread and fishing rods (no hooks) in the hotel fish pond. A couple of times a week there was a kids movie night (a DVD) which was an additional cost (but included a meal and supervision for about 3-4 hours). The activities the kids club do were not as impressive as some I've heard but were at least proper activities and kids could go for the whole day or just the activities they were interested in. There should be a list of activities on the hotel website. There is a club for older kids/teenagers too.

    There is a kids pool with one of those structures with small slides/tipping buckets/water raining down and also a big slide which was supervised. The main pool has a small shallow area as well as a big deeper section.

    Our kids loved the pools at the hotel but refused to go to many of the kids activities.

    Other great things:-
    - Our kids loved the family quiz night at the onsite Irish bar which was good fun (we won !)
    - On the edge of Kuta & not too far from the airport (so not a long journey to a hotel after you get off a plane)
    - The hotel had a different themed buffet night every night which was comparable price to local restaurants (plus kids ate free at the buffet)
    - Walking distance to Waterbom park
    - Close to 2 shopping centres
    - Ours kids loved the trapeze school at the hotel - it is an additional expense


    Try to get out of south Bali also and experience some parts of the real Bali. Ubud has a lot of tourists also but is very beautiful. Go to Amed if you want to see the real Bali (Bali like it used to be).


    Bali mandira won’t disappoint you and your family,great brekky and on the beach,classy and kid friendly