First Home Owner Moving in. Advice and Tips Please!

Hi OZBargain community,

After what seemed like a long time, my fiance and I have finally received notice of our date of settlement for our first house! We are obviously very excited and can't wait to have our own place (moving to eastern suburbs in Melbourne).

I wanted to reach out because you are all amazing. What tips would you offer a couple in their mid twenties who just purchased a property?

Everything from bills and savings management, heating and cooling suggestions, what to fix up and what to leave for a little while when we first get in there. What you needed straight away (fridge obviously) and what you lived without while you figured out monthly expenses etc.

Anything you wish you had known or think would benefit us would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance everyone.


    • You are correct, while we don't live together currently; however we have lived together for up to 6 month periods of time. We have also been together nearly 12 years (high school sweet hearts you could say) so we are both very much looking forward to this chapter of our lives.

      The main thing we need to do is find our routine, being together is going to be the easy part, regardless of how we fold things :D

  • Congratulations! Just moved in to my first property a few weeks ago too!
    Have a look at my thread on energy efficiency improvements that might be worthwhile down the track a little:

  • I wanted to make our home enjoyable when we first moved in so I asked my friend for some advice. My husband insisted that we do something about the constant heat, so we called specialist for air conditioning from Sydney to help us. I think this should be among the first things you do when you move in.

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