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Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Support iOS and Android US $39.99 (AU $51.83) Free Shipping @ Zapals


A special price on Lenovo's new Watch 9; a decent looking watch with all the smarts built-in so you get all the fitness tracking data on your phone app.

Sells as high as ~US$75 on eBay.

No coupon needed.

5% further cashback through CashRewards

• Silicone Strap
• Luminous Pointer
• High Quality Movement
• 5ATM Waterproof
• Bluetooth Smart Connection
• Intelligent Time Adjusting
• Find Your Phone Function
• Alarm Reminder
• Incoming Calls and Messages Reminder
• Gesture Photo Taking
• Sleep Quality Monitoring
• Fitness Keeper
• Sedentary Reminder
• Exquisite Appearance


Where do I enter the coupon code?

  • No coupon required.

It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title

  • Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible

  • To avoid higher currency conversion rates and to get cheapest price from these Chinese websites, you should get a credit card that charges zero currency conversion fees. 28Degrees, Bankwest Zero, Coles Mastercard are generally popular. Irrespective of what credit card you use, always choose to pay in USD on these Chinese websites, (Go back to main page, Choose "USD" from top left hand corner). Additionally set your Paypal so it "bills you in the currency on Seller's Invoice". To set your PayPal account this way permanently, follow the steps shown in these snapshots [Highly recommended]

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  • is it any good? do anyone have any experience with it

    • Sorry to be a wet blanket, but the Watch 9 seems quite likely to be a fake. It's just too good for the money. It doesn't appear on the Lenovo site, announcements and reviews are all on obscure sites, and a $30 watch with sapphire glass is either a game-changing technological breakthrough or a scam. I stand to be coirrected by the vendor if the product is genuine. See instructive video review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajSejhPIQnY

        • Quite right. I should have said that it doesn't appear on Lenovo.com. Lenovo seem to be selling it only in the Chinese market on the lenovo.com.cn site.

          I stand by the other comments, though. In particular, anyone representing a $30 watch as having "sapphire glass" seems almost certain to be engaged in misrepresentation, given the well-known costs of producing sapphire glass.

  • Battery life seems good, 12 months

  • With a price of 129 yuan, which is around $20.42, the Lenovo Watch 9 will be available from March 23.

    googled it

    there's probably some fat to cut once it gets more mainstream

  • Google'd it the other day when I found it on zapals.

    Was pretty excited about it because of the price and that it is a known brand, turns out it is a real watch (yes, the watch with 3 legs) with Bluetooth connectivity, and some health sensors on it.

    Skipped for me but if anyone is interested there's a few review videos on YouTube.

    • When I was in school, we were taught they were called hands (or pins), not legs.

  • check the app though on zalpal. only in chinese. and then when you look for a lenovo app on app store, it says they are crap apps. any ideas? i like the look of the watch and got a similar one that works the same..so if the app works i'll get it

    • What are you using now? I might check the app out when I'm home, to see if there's english settings (I can read chinese fairly well). Kinda interested in this watch but it looks rather new so price might drop in the next couple months?

    • I got bored and downloaded the app. It's from a chinese website but it's definitely an english app. The app reminds me of the xiaomi fitness app when it first started. I might pick one up for my friend whom I'm trying to get into the world of smart devices.. It's a pretty nice watch

      • any chance you can send a link to it? when i downloaded and installed it, it was in chinese or i picked the wrong app. android or apple? i use android

        • I sent you a message, anyone else needs the link I'll inbox you plus instructions too

        • @Apocsky: Can you send me the link and instructions too please? I just received the watch in my mail and have no idea how to use it as the instructions were all in Chinese. :(

      • Thanks for the update. I bought the Amazfit Bip from the last deal. Really liked it. May need to skip this or buy it for my daughter but there are not other colours other than B & W.

  • So is it a rechargeable or is it a 1 year disposable battery?

  • Hm. I'm tempted to replace my mi band 2 with this.

  • Thanks OP.

    This hybrid smart watch can be used with Android's Smart Lock feature to keep the phone unlocked when paired. Very useful.