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Crucial Paradigm - 300 Free Sydney Based Web Hosting Accounts


We're offering 300 free Sydney based web hosting accounts, don't miss out as they always go fast!

  • The Web hosting plan is free for the life of the account :)

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    Whats the actual plan called?
    I am having trouble trying to find whats included and the signup page


    where the signup page???


    it's on there now. got one, nice after missing out last time


    Click on the "Sign Up Here" on the website you're linked to.

    It's below "Price - Free" and above "No phone or email…".

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    I know its free guys.. but lets be honest.. they are some pretty ordinary "hosting" allowances (circa 2000):

    100 MB Web Space
    250 MB Transfer
    10 Email Accounts
    Add on Domain Allowed
    Community Based Support ONLY
    No SSH

    anyway.. people would be far better off hosting on google app engine.. you can even host your oldschool html/css only sites if you want.

    the appengine free allowances blow your plan out of the water…


    even google sites is a good option

    you can still utilize your own domain names with the above services.

    if you are only expecting 250MB of traffic per month… you may as well host on top of your home ADSL plan :)


    signup here: https://manage.crucial.com.au/cart.php?a=add&pid=114

    So just to confirm this will be free indefinitely if I am in the first 300 to sign up, ie. I will not be charged a thing since I am not registering a domain name but using a free one provided by crucial


      is this under "I want to use a free subdomain."?


    I signed up, hope its good :)


    i put in my home phone number but im at work the rest of the day, it said i would be receiving a phone call shortly to confirm the account?


      yeh, i received a call pretty much within 4 mins. Its an automated call (robot), so if you have an answering machine, it'll probably go to that.

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      Hit the authentication button, and if you get it wrong it'll call you again and reload the form. Just do it when you get home and are next to the phone.

      Great way to prank call someone too! just keep hitting refresh on the form and it'll call the number and tell em a 4 digit number each time :P

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    do you get hit by charges/fees when you exceed the 250mb transfer?

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      I want to know this too, or will they just disable the hosting until the end of the month?


      I'm thinking this is how they make their money. If you go over, you may have to pay…or they will suggest that you upgrade to their paid hosting. If they get 20 people having to do this, then the free accounts have paid for themselves and they have scored heaps of free advertising.

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        They dont ask for any payment details to create account so that can't charge you without you first providing them with the payment details…


    sign in process requires you give a real phone number…. account activation will only occur after you type in a 4 digit pin code (which can only be given to you over the phone).

    i'd rather use an alternative free service and not have my phone number given out.


    Any suggestions for use of this ?


    This is great. I signed up to it as well.
    One thing I am confused about. THe account says you are only allowed to have 1 add on domain.
    I have signed up using a free subdomain. Will I be able to register a new domain (eg. www.mydomain.com.au) later on the hosting account or not?
    Also, to confirm I can only add one domain on that hosting plan (eg. www.mydomain.com.au). So, I can't register another one (eg www.mydomain2.com.au) and host it on that same account?


    Thanks OP.

    Choose the subdomain option, put in a name and ended up with xxxxxx.wranga.com.au domain. Payment I chose was direct deposit, and cause it's $0 no bank details needed to be supplied. Ensure you use a phone number that you are at as a bot calls you almost instantly with your 4 digit pin code to activate the account.


    It's over guys…
    "We are currently out of stock on this item so orders for it have been suspended until more stock is available. For furthur information, please contact us."

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    I wonder how many people will use the account. Most probably signed up just 'cos it was free!


    Hi guys,
    I've signed up for one (and it is sitting in my accounts, so I was one of the 300 people), however, the bot never called me to verify my account. (And thus my hosting package is not activated)