expired D-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender - $59 (Was $79) @ The Good Guys


Not sure how good are these. Was looking for one and saw it on special at TGG. Pls comment if you know how good/bad are these.

Also : Netgear PL1000 Powerline 1Gbps Network Range Extender on special - $109

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Price on the title plz

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    Is this any good?


    Extenders work great. D-Link? Not sure. I’m using a Netgear. Good price if a good unit.

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    I agree they help although I just got a google wifi which I’ve found even better than my old extender.


    Works fine - in the very centre of the house, where devices start to struggle, it catches my wifi based in the corner of the building, then broadcasts its own that covers the entire house.

    I was disappointed it didn't actually extended the existing one (but created a second one instead), but because its own wifi covers all the area, we've just switched to the new network. I imagine it might be annoying if it had to switch between two wifis within the same building.

    Speeds dropped, but it isn't a concern to me. The setup process was easy.

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