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Extra 10% OFF 1.2m Lightning USB Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable 2.4a: $9.95/ 5 Free Shipping @ Crazy Technology Via Amazon AU


5V 2.4A
Extra 10%off and Free Delivery, Limited Time!
Premium Quality and Material: 1.2 meters flat cable length with solid line interface is made of Toxic-free and Eco-friendly TPE material, a new user-friendly reversible connector connect your device in any direction.

Durable Design

The unibody casing proves no glue failure and breakage, having been tested that it could withstand more than 4000 bends (3 times than other likewise products). The wire, highly elastic and heat resisting.

Fast Charging and Sync Data

Upgraded copper core makes charge faster, ensuring a safe charging at 5V 2.4A max. The core wire protective foil coating effectively blocks the influence of any external electromagnetic interference on data transfer and ensures perfect data transfers.

White Rubber Ties

The tie is made of elastic rubber, reusable and durable. Simply wrap around the cable and take control of cord clutter.

Fully Compatibility with

  • iPhone X / 8 / 8 PLUS / 7 / 7plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5 / SE

  • iPad Air / Air 2 / Pro, iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4, iPad (4th generation) / iPad 5

  • iPod Nano (7th generation) and iPod touch (5th / 6th generation).

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  • Got similar ones for Android devices by any chance?

    • +1 vote

      Hi, treeman, this connector is only for iPhone or iPad. The cable for Android devices is Micro-USB connector or Type-c connector, please check your port of the device, and we have this kind of cable, All have a good quality and price, but it still have not been updated, I believe it won't be long, please continuously focus on our message. Have a good day.

  • MFI certifiied?

      • So the simple and correct answer to corvusman's question is 'no'.


          "If you care about MFI, please do not buy" is a notice, please do not amplify its meaning, we just give customers a clear information because the time for shipping is too long, we don't mind to waste customers' time. Thanks again, It's my fault, I need change a presentation.

        • @sunny1988: You're quoting something you've only said in 3 comments, nowhere in your post or on your listing says anything about MFI, and it took being asked about 5 times before you in a round about way admitted it isn't.

          The rest of what you were waffling on about has literally nothing to do with what any one has asked you.

      • I've provided feedback for these and it definitely was not positive

  • Are these MFI?

  • Tried Brand/Model/UPC "Crazy" and "B078S3GWWR" Here

    No matching records found.


      Hi,dlovep, Our UPC is 3951849002069 for 5 Packs, 'B078S3GWWR'is automatically generated by Amazon, we have sold these for 3 years and get great feedback. Warranty is available. Thank you for your time.

      • still
        No matching records found. ?


          Could you try to google it? Our ebay store is selling this cable. I think it is a new list on Amazon, you know? if it's not a correct UPC, we can not list it on Amazon.

  • Sorry, if it's not MFI, it's a waste of money.

    • -5 votes

      Hi, antler, Thanks for your question, Our products all have great feedback, and never show an incorrect message. Our target is keeping a good quality with a practical price for customers, but if you care about that, you'd better not to put it in your shopping cart, take easy. Have a good day.

  • You can probably chuck away all five of them once your iOS realises it's not MFi.

  • Hey, Ive bought hundreds of these cables before (from their eBay store for work). They have worked perfectly for me for the last 12+ months. Same with their chargers. Cheep and cheerful!

  • I bought a set of these 'Crazy' cables before. They work fine on iOS 10 and 11 (no warnings). Quality is a bit meh though. The rubber material is easy to kink/splice, and there doesn't appear to be any sheathing on the inner cables - looks like they are just surrounded by the moulded rubber. This is one of my cables: http://oi63.tinypic.com/11rgj95.jpg

  • I think the "MFI" gives all of us a bit of confidence rather than "try your luck" in the product. The MFI cable may not last as well but it gives a bit of comfort. I am sure that there is $1 cable on eBay which is just as good - It is the sales attitude which I disagree. It is arguably that the price reflects the product quality but this does not put the buyer a peace of mind. Refund and return is another issue when it comes to a non-renounce seller. Seller's reliability is also an issue. Anyone can sell on eBay and Amazon. "If you don't like (my attitude), don't buy." is not going to promote/sell your product. Before you sell your product, sell your service first.


      Hi,noramando, Thanks for your advice, I agree with you that service is also important. Warranty is available in our online store, and they are essential services. Someone believe MFI, and we are also applying that. "If you care about MFI, please do not buy" is a notice, please do not amplify its meaning, we just give customers a clear information because the time for shipping is too long, we don't mind to waste customers' time. Thanks again, It's my fault, I need change a presentation.

  • Received 5 packs 3 days ago and 1 of them didn’t work.
    Now another 2 of them not working with message “This accessory may not be supported”.
    I’m not sure how long will go last 2.
    I should read comments before I purchase.


      Hi, Batman2258, sorry about that, we have sold these cables for many years, I can promise that cables have a good quality. I'm not sure what happened with your cable because unknown accidents may are appearance during the period of shipping, but do not worry about that, our cable has a warranty, you can contact our service online to help you get a refund or change a new one, have a good day!