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[Nintendo Switch] Super Mario Odyssey $42 @ Harvey Norman


$27 discount applied to checkout page..
Thanks to this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/374423

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Not sure if we need seperate deals, the price error is across all games.

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    Doubt they will honour it, but put in a preorder for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze at $42, just in case!

    Zelda and MK8 for $52 would be decent prices too.

    But yeah, assume they will cancel all orders.

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    Not Working anymore :(


    I placed an order for Odyssey, and they just sent me a mail saying they were not accepting the order. So yes, they cancelled the order because of the $27 discount.
    Better luck next time :)


    Got order for MK8 confirmed for $52 delivered, using Shipster.


    Just got an email telling me they've canceled my order :(

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    Lucky me, I just got it from $42.

    I placed the order on around 12 pm this noon and chose click and collect, but I didn't get any email from HN except paypal sent me a receipt.

    Around 14 pm I made a call to HN. they said they will send me an email once the order is ready.

    I wait till 16 pm and got HN's email said my order is confirmed, then I downloaded their click & collect app, it showed my order is ready to pick up.(But I still haven't got their "ready to pick up" email)

    When I got there, the reception staff told me I can't take my order because it is the website error, if I want the game I have to pay extra $27. I told the staff I don't want it and the staff told me I have to call their online shop to ask for the refund, because they are separate from their online store.

    Then something amazing happen, another staff come and said just forget it, let me get the game, if something goes wrong just let him do the talk.

    Thanks to him, I finally got the Super Mario Odyssey.

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