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BlackHawk - 20kg Bags - $78.99 Delivered @ Net to Pet


Saw the recent deals at MyPetWarehouse & Pet Barn & did some digging and found a pretty good deal on the ever popular BlackHawk dog food.

Both lamb & chicken are the same price @ $78.99 inc. delivery. Not the cheapest ever, but you very rarely see it drop below $80.

Happy shopping.

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    20kg bags - $78.99

    Petbarn works out to $77.27 after cashrewards if you're will to pickup, of free shipping if you spend over $99

    • Yeah I saw that, but I cant be bothered to pickup (and the 2 or so month wait for Cash Rewards is also a minor inconvenience). For me personally it would cost more than $1.72 to get to a Petbarn to pickup.

      • For me personally it would cost more than $1.72 to get to a Petbarn to pickup.

        There are other items at 30% off that would be hard to find as cheap, that would be enough for free shipping.

        • I assume you mean that "wouldn't" be hard? - Edit, I misread

          You are probably right, but I didn't want to spend unnecessary money just for free shipping. At the end of the day this was a better deal for me & thought it might be for others as well.

        • @camel_racer:

          didn't you just do that though, when you told me you spent $ on a dog toy for free shipping :)

        • @docians: It was $5 shipping or I spend $5 on a dog toyand get free shipping (free shipping at $50, and I was at $45) - so it worked out to be the same price. Same thing wouldnt have worked here as petbarn was $20 off free shipping.

        • @camel_racer:

          it was still unnecessary money spent just for free shipping
          I am joking of course

          Nice deal, its a bugger my mutt cant tolerate wheat/ oats

        • @docians: im sure if it was hungry enough it would

        • @Stahh:
          Yes and spend the the next few days in itchy regret