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Swarovski Crystaldust Double Bangle $38.50, Single Bangle $28 Delivered @ Catch


Swarovski Crystaldust bangle is available on Catch of the Day. 30% discount and free shipping applies in cart automatically.

Double blue
Double light blue
Double black
Single black
Single blue
Single light blue
Single gold

There are more colour options. You can find all of them in this post.

Note: Check that you're buying the Swarovski ones (if that's what you want), there are some copies by other brands in there.

The double bangles are listed on the Swarovski website for $129

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  • +2 votes

    these look fake….. normally Swarovski stuff on Catch has proper longer descriptions

    the legit bracelets on Swarovski's website have much deeper engraving of their brand, more like it was stamped

    EDIT: ah… these are marketplace items, so no QC by Catch… not much better than eBay luck

    • It could be there isn't a longer description because it's being sold on the marketplace by a different seller? It looks the same as the ones on the Swarovski website. Once mine is delivered I'll take it to a Swarovski store and see if they'll verify it for me. I hope it's genuine :(

    • Believe these may be old editions, so printing is different. I think the lettering is better on these ones compared to the current ones. IMO

  • Missed out on the double, but managed to get a light blue single. Mothers day present sorted. Through cash reward so another 2.5% cashback later.

  • Arrived in nice box. Might be a bit small only 51cm. They don't say what size. Oh well. If doesn't fit Ill have to find her something else next mothers day. She might on sell it to find something else.

  • Got mine yesterday. Looks genuine: original Swarovski box and wrapping, came with the Swarovski tags with barcodes. Quality looks good too. I could post a photo if there's a way to do that in a comment

    • Don't think you have to worry about whether genuine. I do believe it is old stock. The etching on the silver ends much better then the new versions with the stamping anyway. Hope my partner likes it and its not too small in size. It does flex open. As for posting a pic you have to set up a photo sharing account on another website and post the link. Hard work. Be good if there was an attachment link in the reply boxes. Also comes with the small important notice booklet