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I am looking for the best android box for my TV, with a focus on power and being able to use Kodi. I have Googled and they always rank them however besides the Nvidia shield being far superior does it even matter? Most people say just get the Xiaomi box, however this is double the price of other devices.

What I have gathered from research… 2GB RAM minimum, make sure it has Google Play installed so you can install apps/Kodi

Does it matter having a more recent Android OS?

For those also looking this seems to be the best deal for a Mibox which I am leaning towards



    Does it matter having a more recent Android OS?

    Gives a few extra features but not necessary.

    however besides the Nvidia shield being far superior does it even matter?

    Main reason imo to get it would be for the performance.

  • Have a look at the Mecool M8S PRO L if you don't want to spend too much. Read more about it in here:
    WRXTASY provides a lot of help there. He is a dev for LibreElec (a Linux/Kodi distribution), and seems to have had just about every media player under the sun.

    In ozhunter's chart it's #24 and marked as a fav.

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      this is WRXTASY's media player recommendation posted on whirlpool

      • Xiaomi Mi Box (AMLogic S905X), best simple remote in the business.

      • MECOOL M8S Pro L (AMLogic S912) running an decent unofficial Android TV ROM.

      • Tanix TX92 (AML S912 with Gigabit LAN) running an decent unofficial Android TV ROM. No L1 DRM or HDCP copy protection keys on that one for even 720p Netflix. Stan will not work either.

      • MINIX U9 (AMLogic S912) running an unofficial Android TV ROM – >> will be better than the Mi Box, MECOOL & Tanix because Android Firmware on that device has Kodi Krypton auto refresh switching working for smooth video playback. Superior hardware vs the other two cheap S912's.

      The faster S912's can also dual boot to a Kick ass version of LibreELEC Kodi Krypton which will easily run the Emby Addon. And I recommend a Plug n Play Wireless MINIX A2 lite remote if you are going to dual boot.

      No Chromecasting support when using the unofficial Android TV ROM's.
      No Android TV Amazon Video on anything but the NVIDIA Shield.

    • Yes… highly recommended. Libreelec runs so much better than Android.

    • Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I looked into it and it looks great. Below are some notes for other people looking. It appears pretty much the same as Xiaomi to what I can see

      Surprisingly not many boxes can play HD for Netflix though this can, 1080p yes not sure about 4K
      This has an ethernet cable plug so when 4K becomes more prevalent and internet demands get higher this will have higher capacity
      This has Android TV which is better for TV viewing however some pros will like more customisation from the phone like system in other devices
      A good review from what appears to be a reputable channel

      Things I found hard to understand
      Processing of audio (bypassing the box features)
      If unofficial TV ROM is important
      How important having LibreELEC is to performance

  • Vodafone TV

    Have two of them, can side load APK's no problem.

  • I have this Xiaomi MiBox. Used Kodi on it, no problems. The main thing that swayed me to this box compared to others is the remote. Easy to use, simple interface, button presses feel good.

  • Vodafone tv. Yes it's 120, but most likely will get updates and comes with 24 month warranty.

  • I have a Mi Box. Its ok, Android TV isn't particularly well supported in Australia at present. Even had to sideload bloody ABC Iview despite it being available for Android TV officially.

    That said, if you use Netflix, Stan, ABC Iview, Youtube and Google Play its a pretty handy item. Then, of course, there's Kodi.

    As others have said- remote is excellent.

    • Thanks for the reply,
      How has being in Australia affected your Android TV experience?

      • Just that there's not a great app selection in Australia. The hardware seems better than the software at present.

  • What do you want the android box to do? just kodi, gaming, netflix?
    I would start here if your after a 'kodi box': (again it is written by WRXTASY)

  • I'm new to android TV boxes - does the fact that Google play store is available mean you can install apps like optus sport? Or is it only android TV compatible apps from the play store that are available?

    And if it depends on the device then let's use the mibox as an example