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expired Kids 30cm Balance Bike $35.99 Four Colour Options (Blue, Grey/Mint, Purple/Pink, Yellow) Free C&C or + Postage @ Rebel Sport


Free C & C while stocks last.

Allow your children to focus on learning balance first with the Nitro N-Roll 30CM Kids Balance Bike. The balance bike provides a safe, smooth and natural transition to a pedal bike by removing all the chains, pedals and protrusions that can harm a child. The seat and handle bar is fully adjustable so they can grow with your child. The high impact and puncture resistant EVA tyres are built tough so they can survive all off your child's adventures. The Nitro N-Roll 30CM Kids Balance Bike is an ultra lightweight and easy to control introduction to cycling suitable for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Ultra lightweight and easy to control
Easy to stop brake system
Fully adjustable seat and handle bar
Smooth roll wheels with sealed bearings
Confidence building angle limited steering
High impact and puncture resistant EVA tyres
Suitable for ages 18 months to 3 years

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    All stores unavailable for c&c in Sydney. Postage for $25 kills the deal

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      If you play with the postcode e.g. 2300 or 2345, you will find still available.
      Pre posting this deal, I have checked that nearly all states have stocks available including Sydney.


    Thanks for the post. Purchased one. Available for c&c in gold coast.

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    I was given my sister's bike as a hand-me-down when I was 6, and spent about 5 months with it inside beside a packing crate. I held onto that, then would let go, and try to balance the bike, I did this until I could balance without touching the crate for 30 seconds.
    I then took it outside, and went for my first ride. It was my first genuine face-palm moment in life.

    Still, this will be handy for time-pressed working parents who don't have 15 minutes to walk alongside their child on a trainer-wheel equipped bike, and does give more of a chance of a gentle fall that won't instil any fear, but still hard-code the undesirability of falling while they are learning.

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      I learned to ride using the 'trainer wheels' back in days but listening to an advice from a friend, I bought my 5 y.o a balance bike. He used it for about 1-2 months and when I bought him his first kids bike, with in first 10 minutes, he was riding by him self. Balance bike is the right way to go learning to ride. It's not about an excuse for parents who don't have time to run behind their kids while holding their bike..

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      Yeah, alternatively you could buy this, and your children can enjoy riding, rather than think of it as being boring or scary.
      Your choice I guess.
      No trainer wheels for our kids. Just this weekend passed, our 2.5 year old rode her brother's (no trainers) pedal bike with only assistance required to get her rolling.
      She already knows how to balance a bike thanks to her brother's hand-me-down balance bike.

      She'd be ready for her own bike if she could touch the ground to get rolling herself.
      Cannot speak highly enough of going the balance bike route.

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      Training wheels are actually counter-productive when it comes to learning how to balance a bike/motorcycle. So all those "time-pressed" parents are actually teaching their children the right way the first time when they choose to use a balance bike. My daughter was riding a 12" pedal bike at 3 unassisted and has never had training wheels thanks to the lessons learned on her balance bike.

      Go and watch Smarter Every Day's video on the backwards bike.

      Have I been duped? Is TerryS Australia's version of KenM and I've taken the bait????

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    Kids 30cm Bike

    For newborns?


    At 30cm tall, it might be good for teaching my dog how to ride a bike?


    A BALANCE bike

    Just keep in mind - these have no Pedals they are to teach balance then you have to move up.

    Great for learning but limited use after that.

    An Aunty bought two for the kids without realising this is NOT a regular bike.

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    This is THE way to teach kids to ride. Both my kids would fly along at 2 years old. When they bigger and go to a regular bike they only need to learn to peddle as they can already balance (the hard bit). With my first kid on day one with a regular peddle bike it was not working well. He kept wobbling and falling over, then I realised - bloomin training wheels. Ripped those off and 2 minutes later (yes 2 minutes) he was off and riding under peddle power.

    The balance bikes not only teach balance, they are tough and as they are so small and light they take a beating being dropped by the kids really well. Both our kids rode a them a lot for 2 years (4 in total) and then we sold it second hand for about this deal price. BRILLIANT.

    If you have little ones you want to get riding early and easily, at this price you can't go wrong!

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        Okay you must know better than me. Neither of my kids had one, neither learnt to ride and I did not sell it for about this amount. Thanks for correcting me.

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          I'm just curious, did you travel back in time and get those 2 same kids to attempt to learn to ride with regular bikes and compare the 2 results?

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          Clearly that's impossible… You can't use identical subjects to perform different tests of the same hypothesis without contaminating your subjects.
          Even if it were possible, pedal bikes are super heavy! (for a little kid). Even the expensive ones are well above 5Kg and the cheapo's pushing 10Kg!

          But you're welcome to refer to the past 90+ years of "research" into this method of hundreds of millions of kids struggling to learn to ride a bike without trainer wheels at 5+ years.

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    IMHO a special bike just for this is a waste of money, as your kids will get the hang of balancing in a few hours and then need a proper bike.

    When my kids were under four, I bought them near perfect condition little kid bikes for like $10 or so from trash and treasure. Immediately remove (and throw away) the training wheels, and remove the pedals. Then they can scoot around and learn balance, which they did within a couple of hours.

    We had the pedals back on and them riding up and down an easy bike path within half a day.
    Within a year, it was time to size up to new bikes.

    (Thanks to the late Sheldon Brown for this 'scoot scoot whee' technique)

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      Great tip for older kids, but Pedal bikes are heavy buggers.


        True - I did just notice the 18 months to age three recommendation.
        Hard to picture kids that small zooming around on a real bike!


          As above, my (tallish) 2.5yo rode her brother's bike just this weekend.
          She'd manage just fine but for being unable to reach the ground from a seated position.
          By 3 she'll be riding herself I'd guess.
          Until then, it's a balance bike that her brother still regularly uses despite being more than competent on a pedal bike.


    The one caveat to buying this specific model I have is that the design due to the (completely unnecessary) crossbar restricts its itility to taller kids.
    The seat height looks to be around 40cm which is ridiculous.
    Look for a balance bike where the seat can drop to, ideally, wheel height (~30cm) for young riders to successfully straddle.


    I don't really understand how this works.Can some one post some videos or links please. I thought balancing the bike with the pedals is easier than without??


      Never mind. Googled . I am going to skip this even though its a tempting buy. It will easily get phased out once they figure out to balance.


        The advantage of these is a little kid - like 2 year old can learn to ride. Peddle bikes are typically 5+. Those extra 3 years of balance biking are fun years as a parent and makes the transition quicker later to a bigger bike. 2-3 years for $36 is a good deal. If your kids are already bigger, then it would be a shorter life span. You can always sell them secondhand and get your money back.

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        And balance bikes are still fun even after mastering pedalling.
        Easier to ride off road for example.
        The tiny cranks on kids bikes don't provide much leverage, so they're difficult to pedal in high torque environments.

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    don't for get CASH REWARDS 3.5%


    Isn't that just the list price on eBay?


    FYI the same deal is available on ebay, but postage is only $13 and free postage for the second one if you buy two (don't know about three or more, probably free postage). And there's a targeted 10% off sitewide code at the moment, DEALS4U (sadly I was not targeted).

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