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[Android] Lost Journey (Dreamsky) $0 (Was $0.99), Bluetooth Mono Media $0 (Was $0.99) @ Google Play


These ones are free and very good reviews ..
Enjoy :)

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    Didn't know apps like the Bluetooth one existed. Going to try it in my car :)

    • Could you please explain what did you expect from this app?

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        If you have a Bluetooth audio device that doesn't allow music playback, this is pretty much a workaround to make it work.

        • Like what?

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          @serpserpserp: some older cars only have Bluetooth for calls and not audio playback.

        • @Munki:

          Does it convert multi-channel music audio, into a single channel and uses the HFP protocol to stream low-quality music instead of A2DP?

        • @pal:

          Pretty much. That's why several reviews say the audio is low quality, but that peevishly they had no audio,

        • @rygle: I tried this last time it went free (my car's bluetooth only allows calls) and not only was it phone call quality (8kHz = 5.5 times worse than standard mp3), but the connection wasn't solid either, so it got choppy pretty often.

          The only use I can see for this is podcasts.

        • @Nukkels: For those who have the same problem as me (older car with bluetooth only allowing calls) and have an AUX port with low volume output, I'd recommend this product: http://phpaudio.jigsy.com/passive-preamp

          I bought the Sound Shocker Pro and it boosts volume for AUX-in. When I used a straight male-to-male 3.5mm cable, the volume was never loud enough and it didn't deliver the bass it needed to. Since using the Sound Shocker Pro, however, the sound (highs, mids, lows) have all been given a boost and sounds great. I know it's a bit pricey and I was very sceptical at first as well, but to be able to listen to music on your phone or other media player without sacrificing audio quality is worth every penny. Oh and it's completely passive and doesn't use batteries!

          Also, having switched to a Pixel 2 which does not have a headphone port, I'm now using a cheap bluetooth adapter (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wireless-Bluetooth-Receiver-Audi...) plugged to the Sound Shocker Pro and so I'm able to play music and charge my phone at the same time!

          Don't normally like to endorse products, but I really did find the Sound Shocker to be a great tool.

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      O..M..G…it worked on my car. Crap sound but for the short journeys this is very handy.

      Good for podcasts 👍

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    Thanks, great apps

  • Thanks OP.

    IMHO these are ones where you need to look at the reviews before installing to find out about how they are in the real world.

    NOTE I do not mean the reviews are necessarily bad, though they are wildly variable, but that they can be informative concerning function.

  • Every app should have a dark.light theme choice. GG bluetooth app.

  • Lost Journey is a pretty good puzzle game but it gets fiendishly difficult after a while. I've been stuck on a level for over a week and can't figure out the solution…

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