Best Way to Sell Clothes Online

I have more than a few unwanted never been worn clothes that i want to sell. What is the best platform to sell. I like the idea of gumtree as the buyer picks up from you. I'm thinking of ebay or any online sites though what are the other options. I dislike having to send the clothes at the post office. How do I price the clothes it is mens clothes. They are mostly brand name clothing which some even have there tags on still.


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    If it's expensive suits or similar, it's worth putting on eBay. If it's T-shirts and jeans, it's for Gumtree.

    • Keep in mind eBay charges fees and so does PayPal.
      If you plan on using Gumtree my recommendation is accept cash only

  • How do I price the clothes

    Get a friend to do this on your behalf because it looks like you're struggling.

  • When you say 'name brand' what are you referring to?

    I've tried in the past with a lot of womens clothes i was asked to sell. Even dresses and jackets worth $200-$500 new barely got 10% of that secondhand with tags. So my advice is price low and dont expect much. Fast fashion has really killed the market.

  • Garage sale could be an option. Facebook Marketplace is not too bad. Doing this myself with sportswear and seven odd pairs of unused sports shoes.

  • Carousell

  • Your local facebook 'Buy, Swap and Sell' pages/groups - they will pickup and pay cash

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    For eBay selling

    First check whether the items you want to sell are in demand. Do a search on eBay for the item you want to sell. Once items appear scroll down and check the completed items box on the left hand side of the screen. It will then show you which items have sold and for how much (they are in green) and the other items that did not sell. This will give you an idea of how much the market is willing to pay for your item. Don’t go by the items and prices for currently listed items because anyone can price an item at any price but it doesn’t mean they will receive that amount. It is the sold items that confirm what someone is willing to pay.

    Clothing is often a bit tricky to sell because every manufacturer has different measurements for different sizes. For example a size M could be anything from 30” to 35”! So you can receive complaints because someone who thinks they are a size M and is really a size L is not happy! Not your fault, but you have to deal with this!

    Pricing clothes really depends on what the market is willing to pay. Unless it is a brand like Supreme which almost everything they make sells out in a few days then your best bet is to see what it is selling for on eBay using the completed transactions. You the have to decide if you are willing to accept that price. Then you need to work out the eBay and Paypal fees. Use a rule of thumb of about 15%. So if something sells for $10 you know it’s going to cost you $1.50 and you will receive $8.50. Then you have to work out if it was worth all that effort for $8.50!

    As far as posting goes if the item is not large then you can order satchels from eBay and print your own postage labels and place the item in your nearest post box. When something sells locally or interstate you can select this option. If you are going to sell overseas you need to take the item to the post office. Make sure when packing the items have adequate protection and a tracking number. The tracking number will stop a lot of buyers claiming they never received the goods and seeking a refund from you and getting it for free.

    Note that some clothing items are difficult to sell. From experience I have found jumpers, suits and ties really hard to sell as few people wear suits for work nowadays and nor do they wear ties. You won’t receive much for them. For example I have Ferragamo ties which cost me over $200 a piece. However ties like this sell for about $50 a piece brand new.

    Depending on the item you may list it as an auction or fixed price. If the item is readily available you are probably best to go fixed price. If it is a limited edition or a hard to find in demand item then better to go with an auction style listing and the market will bid until someone wins. Not too long ago I had some Olympic apparel and it cost about $15 per item and I put it up at auction and it sold for about $90. If you go auction style, then your start price will need to be the lowest amount you are willing to let it go. If you start off at 99 cents you must understand that if may go for just that. For beginners on eBay it’s better to have a start price you can accept because if it goes for just that at least you have an acceptable sale price.

    Note that eBay is not egalitarian with its searches. Bigger sellers that sell more often or sellers who are constantly in the market will have an advantage. For example, if I sold 10 jumpers in a row over a week I will be closer to the top of a search result than someone who just started selling on eBay with just one jumper. Even if your price is cheaper!!! Your feedback is also an indicator of your trustworthyness so you will need to do as much as possible to avoid negative feedback otherwise this places you lower in the search rankings amongst other things.

    And finally, if there is something you can’t get a good price for and want to be rid of it, it may be simpler and better to donate the items to an opportunity shop where they can make some money to help the less fortunate.

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    I’ve tried on eBay and unless it’s something someone really wants and knows their size then there isn’t much point.

    I’d suggest looking up a good charity you can donate them to. Either they sell them at their stores and use the money for good or those somewhere not privileged get a decent set of clothes.

    The second hand clothes market isn’t that big.

  • Carousell is quite popular, otherwise gumtree or ebay