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Modern Teaching Aids - 10 to 20% off (Orders over $499- $4,999)


This site has a lot of educational toys and teaching resources. I spent about $600 on a couple of educational LEGO kits about a week ago and then they have this promotion. Would have saved $60 on my order if I just waited a week longer.

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    Hey Hank,
    Sarah from MTA here. Give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 251 497 and ask for the customer service manager. I'm sure he'll be able to do something for you. :)

    • Hi Sarah,

      Do you have codes for orders under $500? Say $200 minimum?

      Thank you.

    • Thanks Sarah, will call your customer service team as suggested

    • Hey Sarah, I just called MTA customer service on 1800 251 497 and they told me that they don't know who you are and they cannot help me. They also told me that they think you are a fake account. I looked at your profile and it was created on the same day you posted your comment, so it seems like that is the case.

      • It turns out that Sarah is a real person after all. MTA customer service contacted me today and helped me, thank you very much