Best Credit Card for Balance Transfer?

Hi Everyone,

What is the best CC available at the moment for balance transfers? I'm looking for something with 12+ months of interest free on balance transfers.




    Signed up for the Coles Rewards MasterCard recently. It was pretty simple and painless. 16 month's interest free but $99 per year account fee. Something to consider.


    You can search for deals here or a web search. Quite a few options out there. Best to get one with no BT fee and no annual fee

    Recently signed up to this & got the eGift card few days ago after I did grocery shopping once. Just need to make sure you pay the purchase amount plus the repayment. I transferred the very next day just to be safe.

    I also have a CUA Platinum Card. They do low rate version as welll for 0% BT 13 months. I only have it because I bank with them for now.