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[WA] 99c Magnum 4 Pack Americana Peanut Butter 388mL Variety @ Spud Shed


Just seen this at Spud shed Baldivis, not sure if its all locations but its fairly likely.
Grab them and trade with your local eneloops dealer for profit.

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  • Usually the flavours are not very good but these will suffice!
    Thanks OP!

    • Yeah! They could have chosen a worse flavor.

      • Well I mean the Coffee flavour was very bad lol

  • Why do they still keep making these odd flavours?

    • +5

      So they can sell them cheap to shops like Spudshed.

    • +5

      Because of 30% of your customers try the new flavor that's likely alot of extra sales, so even a crap flavor makes its money but then they get rid of it so it never really suffers in sales. Once they drop in sales spud she'd gets to clear it cheap lol.

    • Is it not tasty? I like peanut butter deserts but haven't tried this one…

      • +1

        He means some of the random new flavours they make are terrible, not this one though

      • It's tastes like a halfway done salted caramel

  • +2

    Superb price. Well done OP.

  • +1

    It must be Freedom flavoured.

    • +1

      there's also the option to pay in liberty dollars.

    • Tastes like a concrete wall

    • I was going to ask if they were bacon flavoured.

    • +1

      Then should it cost a buck ‘o five?

  • +1

    Could I be fussed to go there right now? Hmmmm.

  • I saw these at Kelmscott a few days ago as well, for anyone wondering.

  • +2

    If it was a real Anericana it would come with an AR15 lick-a-prize draw.

  • hmmmm…sped shed

  • +1

    I'm from Melbourne but have had and loved the Spud Shed experience.

  • Oh, not that kind of Magnum.
    No deal!

  • +1

    Spotted these in Bentley WA and they're past the best before date with no date stamp on the box.

  • -2

    OMG, look at the packaging!
    I'm surprised there isn't an Eagle on there as well ;).

    But it's not selling well and we don't know why!

    I know why :).

    Being that it's peanut butter flavour, they should have maximised that angle (and not the American flag!).
    A Trump mug shot superimposed onto a peanut shell, grinning like the dumb peanut he is… would have sold bucket loads!

    President Peanut Flavoured!

    • Confederate flag maybe?

    • +1

      Don Henley was busy.

  • +1

    Shipping kills it for me (QLD).

  • +1

    I hope these actually contain peanuts, unlike the Tim Tams from a few years back!

  • can confirm - just grabbed 3 boxes in WA [ Jandakot ]

    • I got two. They also had Maltesers ice creams there for 99c.

  • They are available in australind. But with Todays date as a best before Date.
    Be carefull check before you buy bulk

    • Best before is not use by - they will be fine for a while.

  • Got 3 thanks mate

  • Oh, whoops. I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong

    • Hehehe I get!!

    • Ah Dr. Toboggan, Mantis Toboggan.

  • As a NSW I am tempted to get a whole freezer load shipped for a cost.

    Paid around $14 for 3 boxes but 2 white and 1 salted vanilla.

  • Wall of these in innaloo spuddies. Picked up 5 boxes

    • -1

      Must have been a big loo to have a wall?

  • +2

    Wall of these in innaloo spuddies

    To keep out The Mexicans?

  • +2

    Innaloo must be the bane of emergency dispatchers in WA:

    Where are you, sir?


    Where sir?


    We need your address, sir

    6 Spence Street, Innaloo

    I understand you're in a toilet sir. What's your suburb, please sir

    • in case of peanut allergy

  • Wangara has the cappuccino daytime ice cream 1.25lt for $1.99

  • Anyone checked the best before date?

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