expired Philips HD4514/72 Grain Master $99 (Currently Out Of Stock, Was $159), Miele Complete C3 Family $299 (Was $529) @ David Jones


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HD4514/72 Grain Master

Functions video.
Youtube link 2
(According to the reviews from the GoodGuys, it is pretty good.)

The grain master for your favorite grains and rice. Fuzzy logic technology for tasty cooking.

Powered by Philips innovative FragrantTaste Technology, with its automatic optimum controlled heating temperatures at each stage of the cooking process, every grain of rice is well cooked to shiny fluffy fragrant taste.


  • Smart and automatic cooking: Automatic keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours.
  • 24-hour preset timer ensures rice and meal ready on time.
  • 8 Multifunction programs for a variety of dishes.
  • Easy to control cooking progress.
  • Every grain well cooked: 5-layer Crystal Black Pot for even heating.
  • Fragrant Retention Valve to lock original tasty Rice.
  • "FragrantTaste" enhances optimal moisture absorption.
  • Controls temperature accuracy at every stage of cooking.
  • Quick and easy: Fully detachable inner lid for easy cleaning.
  • Easy-to-read water level indicator.
  • Free recipe booklet with 15 inspirational recipes.


MIELE Complete C3 Family All Rounder

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David Jones
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    it's eight cups.

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    Looks very advanced for a rice cooker interested thanks op

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      as smart as they make rice cookers, they can’t control the amount of water you put in or weight how much water you added and it’s the amount of water that makes a big difference ….too little and rice is dryer, too much and it’s soggier, and did you rinse rice to wash away starch or just straight in.
      where the smart comes in, old cookers just heated water as quick as possible, when temperate got too hot it meant that all the water was used and boiled away and rice is ready and switches to standby.

      the new gen of cookers do things like simmer for a few minutes, then bring to boil, them simmer again ….but if you get the amount. of water wrong it makes no difference, they can’t add or remove water.

      features to look for are things like removeable inner lid so can be cleaned, the size rememebring the asian cups are smaller than aussie cups on some cookers.

      if you don’t already have this type of rice cooker, get one , they are great, but the difference between. $90 cooker and $300 cooker is how thick is the teflon on the bowl, is it aluminium or stainless bowl, how many cups will it make, how easy does it come apart for cleaning….. but they all cook the same quality of rice once you work out rice to water ratio for a brand of rice.


    Link broken


    I was thinking this was a gain grinder type but just a fancy rice cooker

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    Works really well with Nutri-Grain.


    Can anyone comment on whether this is a good price for the C3 ? Harvey Norman has the C3 Complete with turbo brush for $383 incl. postage.


    Thanks OP, grabbed one!


    C3 is powerful & good but unpleasant to ladies getting used to dyson Vx


    Seems like the grain master has run out of steam, Miele c3 vacuum still up though


    FWIW The Grain Master is back in stock and still at $99. I ordered it along with a set of mini tongs to bump the price over $100, and then used my saved amex offer to get $20 back….