[QLD] Active & Co "Pro X Park" Scooter $13 - Alloy Deck, 100kg Capacity (Was $69 & Clearance $19) @ Kmart Helensvale


Just X2 left Helensvale QLD Kmart 8:00 PM Tuesday, only $13…other stores…?



    Park Pro X Scooter 100kg Weight/Alloy Deck.

    Wow… That is one heavy scooter…

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    Why was a K-mart generic brand scooter $69? You can get genuine Razor for that price.


    This is a very good scooter and even better with such a GREAT price . Check it out yourself for the build quality .


    That's a great price. Was still $39 at my local when I got a $69 Razor Black Label 1.0 and $49 Pink Pro so got the others. At $19 would be worth a go so this i a bargain!


    Bought the last one from Helensvale QLD, he had to search out the back for it. Box was damaged (big hole ripped in the side of it) but everything was still in the box and scooter looked fine. Scanned at $13. Thanks OP.