Changes to The Way You Buy Meat with Woolworths Online

Email received from Woolworths 14/5/2018 - Bugger the good times are over, they obviously cottoned on to how much of a good deal online shoppers were getting with their meat products!

I loved the fact that when I ordered as an exampled a whole chicken which stated it would weigh a minimum of 1.2kg for $7.00 that when I collected my order I actually received a 1.5kg chicken which was supposed to cost $9.00.

"We’re changing the way you shop online for certain meat products

Hi ……

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change that may affect you as a customer who buys meat online with us. From the 16th May 2018, a number of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and other meat products will be sold within a weight range online, as opposed to a fixed minimum weight.

Why are we making this change?
We’re changing the way we display and charge for meat products online to better reflect what you order and receive. Previously you may have received excess meat in your order, and this change ensures that what you pay for is exactly what you receive. By providing ordered items more closely in weight to what you ordered, this also aids in our efforts to reduce food waste.

What does this mean?
We won’t be charging you more, but rather making a small change to the way we display and charge for meat products on the website. At the time of purchase weight will be displayed as a range and you will be charged based on the maximum weight displayed. We won’t overcharge you if we supply more than the maximum weight, and we’ll refund the difference if the supplied weight is less.

Do I need to do anything?
You don’t need to do a thing, except note that you may receive an item anywhere between the minimum and maximum weights.

Once we’ve picked your item in store, we’ll refund you the difference in price between the weight you paid for, and the actual weight of the item in your order - this is known as a meat variable weight refund. If you are owed a refund we’ll email you, and details of each item sold within a weight range and the amount refunded will be reflected in your tax invoice.

Rest assured, our range of meat products will remain the same and you won't need to pay for any extra meat provided above the maximum weight. We’ll also continue to provide our same great delivery and Pick up service, to help you save more time shopping."

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    gone are the days you could order 100g of chorizo and get a full one.

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    Make sure you don't include fresh meat products in orders which have a targeted offer in them. You may slip under the target with the refund policy mentioned above and not qualify for the offer.


    This sounds like its going to cause a world of pain when shopping with discounted gift cards. I don't want to have to go back through my e-gift cards to find the one that my 35c has been refunded back on to.


      I don't think they can refund onto a gift card or egift card. They will probably offer store credit in this situation. If you argue long enough they will send another egiftcard or physical gift card.

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      They will give you a coupon code worth the refund amount via email.


        That sounds reasonable.


        From my experience, that code can only be applied to an online order. Which means you'll have to order above the min amount in order to use it (not a problem for someone who order online regularly but might be a pain for someone who doesn't).

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    you may have received excess meat in your order

    The horror. I'm so much better off getting what I paid for!

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    we’ll refund the difference if the supplied weight is less.

    This is useless, if I order a certain amount of meat it is because that's what I need for my recipe. If they give me less I can't make what I wanted to make and they should refund the whole lot as it is now useless.