expired E-VPN - 40% Discount on All VPN Plans Using Promo Code: SAVE40


We have Custom Apps for Mac, Linux Windows and Android. IOS is currently in development and will be launched soon.
OpenVPN TCP & UDP on Port 443
Kill Switch and DNS Leak Prevention
IPv6 Leak Prevention
4096 bit RSA encrypted handshake
Tunnel is encrypted with AES 256 CBC bit encryption
Shared IP Addresses
We generate False Traffic constantly to different online services
Server Clusters in 12 Countries
Anonymous Registration - We don't require any personal information from you, not even a email address !

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    Why aren't you on the google play apps store ?
    Seems dodgy to ask I install an app apk that is unsecured.
    Is this VPN working for USA netflix ?


    Very slow VPN service. I just did speed check. Usually I have 12mbps. Through e-vpn VPN, this is slowed to just 3.5mbps :/
    Also, even at 40% off, still is over $30Aud . Better to pay slightly more, for a much better service.


      Which location did you connect to? Are you connecting to the server with the lowest ping (ms) ?


      Hi Ozzpete,

      We have optimised our openvpn settings last night and noticed some big improvements, could you kindly try again on your end?

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