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Right Angle Lightning Cable for $5.90 (Free Shipping over $49) @ Kase via Amazon AU


【PROPRIETARY DESIGN】- Proprietary Right Angle Design and unique 90 degree L type design makes it more convenient when you using the phone and charging at the same time.
【PREMIUM MATERIAL】- High quality nylon braided cable with high-grade aluminium alloy case and support up to more than million times bending, super strong and super durable.
【FAST CHARGE & DATA TRANSFER】- High-quality copper wire maximizes signal quality and increases durability, sync and charge at fast speeds on your lightning devices. Our development team provide 101% guarantee the quality and the safety for your device.
【COMPATIBILITY】- Perfectly compatible for iPhone X, 8/8 plus, 7/7 plus, 6/6s/6 plus/6s plus, 5/5s/5c/se, iPad, iPod Nano 7, iPod touch and all devices with lightning ports
【WARRANTY】- 12 month warranty, full refund or replacement if there’s any issue with our products.

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  • Product description
    Colour: Pink
    Chicks dig grey, so they say.

    Um… wtf?

  • Hello OP.. Sorry to say but seems like this post is going to unpublish due to OZB Amazon guidelines..

  • Just a heads up, seller has 100% negative feedback


    • +3 votes

      "SCAM with COUNTERFEIT product which DOES NOT DESERVE ANY STAR Absolute rubbish."

      I guess it's not MFi then ???

  • right angle connector is cute and all, but does it have MFI?

  • +9 votes


    Did you get permission from Pythagoras to use his right-angle ???

    • I'd say right angles and right angled triangles existed before Pythagoras came up with the theorem

      • right angled triangles existed before Pythagoras

        He discovered them and patented them.

  • +3 votes

    Rep appears to have habit of posting crap deals


    • Everyone needs a hobby … Someone is posting crap deals.

      • Mine used to be posting crappy or funny forum threads.. Haha look have a gander sometimes I wonder who I am going to be today.

  • what's so proprietary about a right angled plug? We've seen that for decades before.

  • Hello… it's reversible connector, it can't be "right angle"?
    Until by "right" you mean not opposite to left but "the correct angle", lol.

    Admit it: this "deal" is just for lulz, right?
    "unique 90 degree", unique? You have you own degrees?
    "makes it more convenient", why?
    "up to more than million times bending", up to more than, that's rich
    "super strong and super durable", you missed "super and"
    "high-grade aluminium alloy case", in next post you use "military-grade"
    "maximizes signal quality" wow! wire builtin amplifier
    "charge at fast speeds", i quite sure my cables can charge at 100 km/h and faster too
    "provide 101% guarantee", how that?
    "Perfectly compatible", so my cables are imperfectly compatible?
    "12 month warranty", minimal warranty, wow!

    Thanks for lulz

  • Our 1-metre fabric stitched charging iphone cable are Apple certified

    You're not listed on the official certified list. "The Kase" is though, so are you ripping off their name?


    I am not keen on leaving a neg but am tempted by this one. This post should be another that needs to be moved to "non deals and free advertising for crap products"