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Yamazaki Pure Malt Whisky 12YO 700ml $152 Free Delivery @ First Choice Liquor


Japanese Whiskey drinkers rejoice. The hard to come by Yamazaki 12yo is at a record low of $152, The discount is applied automatically at checkout.
Get in while you can.

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  • Shows product unavailable for me :(

    • Still showing available with free delivery. No pick up available though.

  • Great price but unavailable.

    • Just checked, only delivery available now and it is free.

  • Thanks OP got one!

  • Nice :)

  • May be wait till click frenzy starts tonight to get further discounts?
    Dans selling for $199.00
    Very good price.. thanks OP

    • Not 100% sure, but i think the discount is a part of the Frenzy

      • +1

        I agree, looks like FCL has jumped the gun on the Frenzy start time.

        • Ya, just got the email spam about their frenzy deals going live.

  • +3

    I bought this whiskey for about $70 odd a few years ago. Why the sudden rise in price? Surely at this price there's better value elsewhere

    • +9

      there has been a global shortage in Japanese aged whiskey for the last 5 years or so since they started winning worlds best whisky awards.
      Hibiki 17 just got discontinued as they cant meet demand.

      if you go to Japan last 2-3 years there very little in Japanese whisky available for sale with an age statement. Anything available, the prices has increased 3x or more.

      Taketsuru 17 I bought for under $50 4 years back and now selling for $250+, if you can find it

      • Those were the good days! I remember 4 yrs ago Hibiki 12 was ~$35 and 17 was ~$50 with favorable conversion rates.

        • I have an unopened hibiki 12 in the cupboard - just checked and are going for $500 or so. Crazy.

        • Because they are no longer making 12.

          They make the 17 and 21 still in limited availability but the 12 is permanently gone (for now).

          Rarity makes price go up.

    • +1

      Discussed many times…
      There has been a disappearance of age statement on bottles of Japanese whisky. So rarity & demand increase price.
      Article said removal of age statement on bottles was due to the lack of reputation / popularity of Japanese whisky years ago (meaning few barrels laid down then), & current high demand based on good reputation (not enough barrels now available to meet demand & what is available is used in blended NAS bottles).

    • I remember when the Yama 12 were everywhere in Japanfor ~4000 yen and snagged a bottle of Hibiki 21 & Hakushu 18 for ~15000 yen each. Didn't expect the prices to skyrocket.

  • Thanks OP

    Was trying so hard to find a bottle last time I went to Japan. Only found miniatures.

    • +1

      funny you say that, I went to Kyoto last year couldn't find any full sized bottles of the hibiki 17 but there was loads of miniatures.. bought 15 bottles at 1000 yen each at a grocery store at kyoto station.

      came home tipped them all into my decanter 750ml of hibiki 17 for about $180 bucks.. far cheaper than buying a full size bottle here in austalia which is about $400 at best and still tastes great

      • Thats fairly decent price. I think i managaged to find a full bottle of hibiki 17 in Hiroshima for around $200. I've yet to open it and not sure if i will

        850 yen for the yamma 12 minitures. I should have bought a stack, but only bought 4 :/

  • +1

    Had one before, shared with few whiskey heads, absolute loving it, bought one, thanks OP

  • Thanks bought two

    I remember when these were $80 before they won the awards sigh

  • +1

    Dont forget to check and activate flybuys offers, I've got x10 points and 1000points for $50 spend

  • Buy a The Macallan 12 Year Old

  • -1

    coming up for $120 and with discount $96 for me (Im in SA)

    • Read description. 12 yo vs non aged.

      • +2

        Yep me dum ass

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Bought this and the Hibiki 17 today =)

    • +1

      Did you buy the hibiki 17 on FCL site? Can't find it! How much did you pay?

      • vintage cellars for $330

        • I bought a bottle from vintage cellars as well. Did they by any chance give you the hibiki without the box and just the bottle? I didn’t check when I picked it up and only saw later that they didn’t give me the box

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 :)

  • Johhnie Green for $59 would be a better value, unless this is 3 times better dram?

    • Price per drop it isn't better but much harder to find. Rarity causes high price

    • if you are talking about the limited 15 years old Green than YES

  • no more in WA

  • taken off their website.
    looks like its all gone.

  • grabbed two bottles. Cannot wait thank you OP. prices in japan for the 12 year old are roughly 95 AUD so this isn't much of a stretch.

  • -1

    Hmm … it is a bit confusing. The picture says Single Malt but the heading says Pure Malt.

    • -1

      The pure malt is out of stock, hence the single malt in its place. The single malt has no age statement.

      • I swore the picture says "The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky AGED 12 Years".

        • yep you are right, i wonder which one is better pure malt which suppose to be more rare or the 12yrs old ?

        • +1

          Thank tle.

          Pure malt is a blend of different single malt whiskies from different distilleries where as Single malt is a malt whisky from a single distillery.

          Taste wise … very subjective, but I love both.

        • +1

          @cool2frost: a lot of people said that the pure malt is more rare, and supposed to be more expensives, as the 12 years old there're alot of stock around. but in Australia not many selling it, i hope we are getting the pure malt or it could be serious mis leading advs

    • Since Vintage Cellar is using the same platform as First Choice Liquor, it is a bit confusing.


      Pure Malt & Single Malt are different.

  • Tks OP, grab some. Horay, can't wait to see them arrive.

  • Can't add delivery details. Sold out maybe?

  • Says unavailable for me. Sold out I guess.

    Probably relieved deep down that I avoided spending more money! Haha

    • +2

      u have saved yourself from drinking $200 worth of liquid :P

  • +1

    You can just drink BP Ultimate 98

  • Bought one bottle. To drink or not to drink?

    • Why would you buy it if not to drink?

      • Keep them. Just like Hibiki 12, they will stop production and prices as such will fetch premium $$$ like hibiki $500 on eBay

  • Did any one get a photo it so I can do price match at dans?

  • Anyone revived there order yet ?

    • Just received an email notification that my order has been despatched. Yesterday they sent a courtesy email with a $10 voucher code

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