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Hey fellas,

Sure there is a few miners on this board, wondering what setups people have, their stories and what they are looking at.

4xrigs 6x1070ti(total 720mh on ETH Claymore11.7)
Started with a solo gtx970


  • I have a $78 per month power bill.

    How much is yours?

  • Sure there is a few miners on this board

    Soliciting for miners on the internet is a typo away from a knock on the door from the AFP.

    • am i missing something - is mining digital currencies a crime now?

      not to mention ETH is not BTC

      A recent article indicate monero seems to be a good alternative.

      but i've never mined before

  • Thanks for the GPU price hikes. Hope your investment pays off before it implodes

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    I have 1 x RX580 8GB which I bought a while back mainly for gaming. In the beginning I was making $7 USD a day for a $1.50 AUD power cost. Now its more like $2 USD a day for the same power cost (less on Sunny days due to PV's). The card has paid itself of and Im hodling my ethereum hoping the price goes back up.