Woolworths Mobile Remove $15 Plan?

Seems they've dropped it. I know its not the outright cheapest, but for people wanting the Telstra network (which in many rural areas is superior) without needing a huge amount of calls, the $15 plan with the Rewards discount to $13.50 was a good choice for them. I had many family members on it who don't get great signal on the other networks.

But now it seems that they won't be offering that plan and have yet to replace it. $20 is now the lowest tier.

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    They dropped both $15 and $45 Recharges according to the email. It will be discontinued from 13 June 2018.

    If you want to keep using the $15/45 recharges, you can set up Auto recharge before 13 June and your set to continue to recharge on the old denomination until you change to a new plan. This is according to the email

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    As scrimshaw already mentioned, you can keep using the $15 plan by setting up auto recharge on the app.
    I think the $20 plan is a pretty good value as it includes unlimited calls/texts and 2GB data. I remember Optus and Telstra charging $30 a few years ago for a plan similar to that.

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    You could try $10 plan with Belong (1GB, with unlimited roll-over), it uses the Telstra network so the signal might be sufficient. You can pay by PayPal and cancel the agreement any time to stop any money going out that you don't want.

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    yeah and they are stopping the 10% discount, i might move to Belong now

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      Is that the discount gone for existing customers too who don’t change the plan?


    Aldi has $15 for 1.5gb with data rollover and uses Telstra network.
    $25 for 4gb

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