Kogan Misleading Customers Again via Email Campaign 4k Curved Monitor 27" $269

Think being such a large company they would be able to proofread their campaigns. Or is it all just click bait?

The Deal
The Email


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    WTP? I seem to have missed it. But I also can't read anything on the email because of the site it is hosted on (when I try to zoom in the picture gets smaller).

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    Just a small typo at 1 spot. Most other places are correct. I'm assuming its the 4K at the top.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Not sure what the big deal is here.

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    Typo in the subject it appears….. Correct specs in the body and on the website.


    reported to the ACCC.

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    Looks like it's a typo in the title. It does say "Full HD" in the body.


    Did they say its 4k resolution. It could simply mean they have 4000 monitors for sale at this price. :)


    "Please note: On the 16th of May 2018, this monitor was incorrectly advertised as having 4K resolution, but is actually Full HD. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

    is now being displayed on the listing, so I guess they have picked up on the error.