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[VIC] Metro Executive Ergonomic Chair $99 (Was $169) @ Officeworks, Dandenong


You can get chair frpm other stores if they have in stock. Same price $99.
5 yr warranty and have look more specification in picture.

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  • Can anyone who owns this chair comment on how good it is? Is it ergonomic enough and not wear down in a year?

    • Why it's reduced to clear should be a red flag.
      I had it. Like any bad gf, it's only good at the beginning (idk what I'm saying here…)
      Although it could be me who used it longer than I was supposed to (sticker says 8+ hours) but I took it literally and used it 16+ hours per day…

  • PU leather?

  • The price tells a lot about a chair…….

  • Use one of these everyday - Find it extremely comfortable.


    Avail in Red, Blue & White as well

  • Never getting a metro chair again, spend the extra few hundred and get a decent chair folks.

    Your back will thank you

    • I know it's been asked before, but can you reccomend a chair. need something comfortable.

      • Everybody is different, if you can, take a trip to some chair stores and test them out. I did this and found chairs others claimed were very comfy were terrible to me, and that the Aeron was far more comfortable than anything else in the store.

      • Yep agreed with MoonSha below, go and check out one in store if you can.

        If not, then think of the features more important for you and your back and then shortlist the ones that meet that.