How to Become a GP from Pharmacy Degree

Hey guys,

I am wondering is there a way an international pharmacist can become a doctor in Australia? If so what will be career path?

The pharmacy degree in overseas is for 5 years. I understand to become a doctor here is require a high percentile but thought there might be way we can do it?

In case if there is no way to become a doctor, what will be higher degree can be occupied from pharmacy?


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    cant you do gamsat? you will have to sit a course in uni of course.

    also pharmacy degree will be relevant for pharmacy jobs depending on the country

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    Either take the UMAT or GAMSAT to gain entry into a medical degree. UMAT is for entry into undergraduate medicine which takes approx 5-6 years to complete while GAMSAT is for postgraduate and takes 4 years to complete. For UMAT and GAMSAT, 95th percentile and above gives you a pretty solid chance of getting into med school.

    There should be rules on how to convert your overseas marks to GPA but you'd have to look at how different universities calculate this.


    Thanks guys. Just in regards to Pharmacy, what can be done to become specialist or something to get higher role? I understand we have option to choose the path to either become Industrial Pharmacist or hospital pharmacist. Is there something else can be done?

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      There are no defined paths for specialists in Australia for different industries for pharmacists except for hospitals, and even there the requirements will vary between hospitals. The only additional "qualification" beyond your pharmacist registration is the Home Medication Review (HMR) accreditation.

      If you want to study medicine you just apply like with any other degree; they don't give any special consideration to pharmacy graduates. As others have said, whether your degree is recognised or not would affect which stream you should apply for and also what test to site (UMAT for undergrad and GAMSAT for grad entry).

      Be aware that there are insufficient internship positions in Australia, and international students get prioritised last. Therefore there is a chance that you won't have an internship at the end of your degree and it could be super stressful to even find a job. Whilst currently unnecessary there is also a growing trend for all newer GPs to qualify for the RACGP which is more study/tuition fee after you graduate from medicine.


        Thank you Fiximol. Your message helps alot to know how is pharmacy in Australia. This actually prove if I wanted to become a GP, I have a start from the scratch

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    I understand to become a doctor here is require a high percentile but thought there might be way we can do it?

    Firstly, find out if your diploma is recognised here, some countries and schools aren't accredited. If so, entry via graduate pathway is a combination of GPA from that degree (assuming it was completed somewhat recently), GAMSAT, and interview. If you're an international, you are on the hook for the full tuition, though anecdotally, it's somewhat less selective vs compared to Commonwealth.




    Without knowing your age, the details of your qualification and your visa visa status, no one can tell you anything of worth.

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    Look at Bond and Macquarie. Pay then 300k+. Graduate

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