This was posted 4 years 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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40% off Qantas Club Lounge Memberships (1 Year for $563.40, 2 Years $827.40, 4 Years for $1,349) (Excludes Renewals)


Update: Back on, Offer ends tonight, 11.59pm (AEST) 30 May 2018. (thanks adrosa)

Just got this in an email…. not sure if it helps anyone.

You'll start every journey relaxed, refreshed and welcomed in some of the best lounges in Australia and around the world when you're a Qantas Club member*.

Now is the time to join. Because, between 12.01am (AEST) 22 May and 11.59pm (AEST) 25 May 2018 you can take out a new 1, 2 or 4 year Qantas Club Individual membership for 40% less^.
Join today
Individual membership type WAS (AUD) NOW (AUD)
1 year $939 $563.40
2 years $1,379 $827.40
4 years $2,249 $1,349.40
What's more, purchase a new Qantas Club membership and take advantage of the possible tax benefits before 30 June 2018#.
Or, choose to join using Qantas Points and you'll get 40% off the points required. That's only 88,800 points (was 148,000 points) for a new 1 year Qantas Club Individual membership.

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  • Nice price but new members only, "Members renewing their Qantas Club membership, Qantas Club Corporate or Partner membership, are also not eligible for this offer."

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    Never used this before but assume you have to fly Qantas to use the lounge?

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    Quite good value actually, if I understood the guesting rights correctly then you can guest your +1 in plus the kids on a single membership. Meanwhile those $50 passes off the forums doesn't have guesting rights so you will need 4x passes to get the family in. 3 family visits and you get your money's worth not to mention additional luggage kg's for the member and fangangle Qtags.

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    Has anyone got any advise regarding claiming these on tax?

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      Lounge membership is tax deductible. Always been claiming

      • Can you claim the entire amount this year if you buy 2 years worth under this deal?

        • Never had proper tax advice but I claim pro rata each year.

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      I have been able to salary sacrifice through work as airport lounge fees are FBT free.

      • Thanks for that :)

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    wow, so full price for 1 yr is $939? That's absurd!

    • Yes, yes it is.

      • I believe normal passes are around $50, so you need to go there 19 times to be better off!

        • If you have a partner you only need to go there 10 times and you’re better off.

        • @nightelves: ….10times, quite a stretch still

        • @Homr:
          If you have two teenagers then at $200/visit, after 5 visits you are in front, even less visits if you are only renewing the membership. My kids are now 18 so I am not renewing it.

        • +2

          @z28: I find that to get the best value out of lounges is when you consume alcohol. Kids don't consume alcohol so I disagree how a family of 4 is worth $200

        • I would not pay $50 per person. My value comes out of having two young children. We can get there early, settle in with a biscuit and drink, and be guaranteed the toilets are clean. I recently dropped my membership due to cost and lack of flying, and flying with kids and using public toilets is a nightmare without membership.

          I also can rarely drink at these as I always drive home from the airport.

          To me the value is in not having to deal with the general public.

    • there is a joining fee component which is only payable once. full price is $399 for joining.

    • No - renewing costs are as follows:

      Type Fee (AUD) OR Qantas Points
      1 year $540 78,000
      2 year $980 155,000
      4 year $1850 285,000
    • Agree! No value even at 40% off

  • does this offer include the joining fee?

    • Included with the joining fee. I just checked.

  • This is insane, new members joining for 2 or 4 years are getting better deal than existing members !!!

    • Could someone enlighten me why I am being negged:

      Existing member - 2 year renewal: $980
      New member with this offer - 2 year: $827

      Did I upset the Stupidity God ?

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    Is this the same as having Qantas gold status? Surely if you were flying enough to utilise the lounges at that price, you'd have attained gold status already?

  • They also offer one annual guest pass for $350 per year. Can someone confirm this is in addition to the guest you can bring if you travel together? i.e. you + guest one (included in your membership) + guest two (annual guest pass)?

    Also does the pass include 2 children up to the age of 18? Thanks

    • +1

      Yes in additional to normal additional guest. So it's you + 1 (guest) + 1 (guest card). Yes 2 children up to age 17 are included. Checked on

  • I'd rather get Qantas gold status

    • Me too but not everyone can achieve Gold Status

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    If you have an Anz black card a 1 year membership costs $442

    • Have you got a link for that?

    • nm, found it:

      Offers are only available to ANZ Frequent Flyer Black cardholders who are Australian residents and who purchase Qantas Club membership using their ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card. Offers are non-transferable and are not available in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. No discounts are available in respect of fees already paid. $497 saving in the first year is based upon a joining fee waiver and a discount to the standard one-year individual membership rate. The joining fee waiver is for a new one year individual Qantas Club membership purchased using an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card by contacting the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre on 13 11 31. Quoted joining fee savings are based on the joining fee for an individual Qantas Club membership application by an Australian resident. Different rates may be available for those with access to the Qantas Club Corporate scheme. The membership fee offer is for a one year individual Qantas Club membership which is purchased or renewed using an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card by contacting the Qantas Service Centre. Quoted membership fee savings are based on the difference between the published corporate membership rate and the fee applicable to an individual Qantas Club membership held by an Australian resident. Only one joining fee waiver, and one membership fee discount per year, are available per cardholder.

      It doesn't seem like you'd get the ANZ Black card discount on top of this 40% off. Maybe worth asking, though.

      • I doubt it
        Offers are non-transferable and are not available in conjunction with any other offers

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    Some of us (well I did), bought lifetime membership for $5000 (I think it was, at the time I thought it ridiculously expensive) all those decades ago when they offered it. I keep wondering when they will try and slime their way out of it but they've kept their end of the bargain. Not that I have used it much in the last 10 years.

    Are they building a new Business Lounge in Singapore ?

  • Would anyone know the restrictions/implications of selecting 'Other' for income tax purposes? An extra year for $100 looks to be a steal!

    'Australia' Tax Resident 1 Year = $563.40
    'Other' Tax Resident 2 Year = $665.40

    • I believe this is a federal offence as it would breach taxation laws and could be audited (it affects the amount of tax you pay).

  • We don't fly Qantas much as we would rather spend less on the budget airlines. We are however (hopefully) booking a RTW business trip with One-World next year on points. Would getting Qantas Club membership add anything to our trip? Or is it pretty much just lounge membership which we would already get with our flights?

    • +2

      Lounge access, but only on QF or JQ flight numbers. You already have your pick of oneworld lounges with your business class ticket. Priority boarding on QF or JQ, which you already get. Actually, even being Gold doesn't get you anything over and above your business class ticket!

      • Appreciate the info! Thanks

  • Damn - just paid full price last week.

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    They also charge differently whether you have ever been a member in last 5 years. I gave up mine 4 years ago and my new member join price is

    Individual membership type WAS (AUD) NOW (AUD)
    1 year $939 $563.40

    Yet my buddy who never joined got his email with this pricing.

    Individual membership type WAS (AUD) NOW (AUD)
    1 year $779 $467.40

  • One of useful benefits was when flying international, you can avoid the huge checkin line.

    But for jetstar , there is no separate check in for Qantas club right? Also the Qantas lounge in Melbourne would be different terminal to jetstar?

  • I bought 2 years and will salary sacrifice via work 😁

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