Netflix with iTunes Credit in App Purchase

Is it still possible to pay for Netflix as an in app purchase?
I can’t get it to work, even with a new account.

Any tips?




    Yes, it's a subscription through iTunes. You need to sign up in the Netflix on an iDevice and it should give you the option?


    I just get this screen…. Image, dont get the option to subscribe.
    Tells me to go to the Netflix website to subscribe… where I cant choose iTunes sub….


    what other subscriptions can you sign up with using itunes credit (or google money)? i have about $150 itunes and $50 google

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    i just spoke to netflix. Apparently, they have removed iTunes billing for all new subscriptions for Australia.
    ….so here's how i got it to work…with a free month
    1. VPN to USA on the IPAD
    2. Install netflix
    3. Launch netflix, sign up for the one month trial with itunes billing.


      Aha! Thanks for the update!

      I also managed to get it working via an Apple TV.. so theres another workaround if anyone is interested.

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      Don't have to delete and re-download the App.

      Just close the App, VPN to USA and re-launch it.

      Works for both New Subscriptions and restart of memberships.


      When I go into my account in netflix app on ipad it takes me to safari browser and then I don't get itunes option for renew. Is this expected behaviour opening of the account page in safari browser?


      Thanks for the info! It took me a while trolling through heaps of pages, trying various google searches but with no luck…and then i find this gem!

      I renewed my Netflix with an itunes subscription using a VPN to US.

      Thanks again!


    Does this still work?


    Does not look like it - I just tried VPN US and does not have the offer to sign up.


    they have blocked all subs via itunes

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