Do Not Buy PayPal Here Card Reader

If you are looking to buy the PayPal Here card reader for taking payments, whether new machine or second hand, think twice, just remember, once out of warranty, if the reader develops any technical issues, PayPal will only guide you with troubleshoot solution same as the manual and ask you to buy new one on their website.

I purchased one on last ozbargain deal and only used twice to check whether it is working or not. Then I just did not use it. Practically, it is in new condition. When I tried to connect the card reader again it shows red and green light blinking which means there is malfunctioning. I called customer support and they guide with troubleshooting solution which seems they already knew it's not gonna work then without hesitation, just ask to buy a new one on the Paypal site.

Basically, Paypal is selling a card reader machine that is going to break after one year and if you request for the aftersales service, there is nothing but asking to buy a new card reader from their site.

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    What do you expect? The product is out of warranty, they're not going to just give you a new one.
    There are many factors that can kill the device if not used within a long period of time. Such as heart or moisture.

    • Mate, we have laws in Australia.

      My personal favorite is the Australian Consumer Law

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        Its a $50 device, well past 12 months old, based on the deals here, looks to be near 2 years old. Scream all your like about ACCC, but I think thats fair that a 2 year old device that cost $50 failed and for them NOT to replace it.

        • ACCC? Mate where do you think you are?

          Get the bikies onto it!

    • Well. I was expecting some kind of solutions to fix it or offering replacement device with fees. But they are just asking to buy a new one from the website.

      If I actively used it and broke down after out of warranty then there is no issue at all. But, I haven't used it and packed in the original box in my drawer in original condition. Maybe you are right, dust or moisture killed it which I can hardly believe.

      Thank you for taking time to reply anyway.

      • Lesson learnt is to buy things you immediately need.

  • I purchased one on last ozbargain deal

    So back in 2016???? So its near 2 years old and you paid $50 for it… hahaha cool.

    • Well..I got your point but it hasn't been actively used at all.

      Thanks for taking time to write reply anyways.

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        What has usage got to do with it? Its now 2 years old, used once ot 10,000 times. Its 2 years old.

        But based on your views, if it was in the box for 10 years never used, and you pulled it out and it didn't work, you should get a new one? hahaha no.

        From paypals view, you're a customer who doesn't use the reader at all aka doesn't make them any money. So they also won't bother sending you a new one? These readers are non profit items when they sell them, based on the fact they make money back via the fees.

        Customers who use them a lot, get free replacements if asked nicely.

  • Did you try resetting it?

    • Yes, I tried and no luck. I just move on and use Square instead.

      I have a Sqaure reader as well and had the same issue but they offered new replacement reader with returning (returning postage is paid by Square) of the broken reader.

  • Yep, only recently opened the tap reader and it does not work out of the box [grr] >-(

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