expired First Month Free + Administrative Fee ($22) @ National Storage


A deal at our Hume store.

1.5m x 1.5m $70 (online) with first month free
1.5m x 3.0m $120 (online) with first month free
2.0m x 3.0m $150 (online) with first month free

1.8m x 3.6m $85 (online) with first month free
3.0m x 4.0m $200 (online) with first month free

1.5m x 1.5m $127 (online) with first month free
1.6m x 2.5m $222 (online) with first month free
2.5m x 3.0m $298 (online) with first month free
2.5m x 4.5m $246 (online) with first month free

Have something you need to store? Run out of room at home?

Check out this deal guys. We have some great discounts for secure self storage in selected centres nation wide.

Many of our stores have pin coded 24 hour access. We provide storage for vehicles and wine as well.

We have vehicles and boxes to make your move as easy as possible.

Sorry I couldn't post a link to a specific store. If I can get a direct link I will update the post. For now you will have to search for a site to see the best prices and deals.

Enter your postcode, click on continue, select your size and click continue for a list of prices and deals.

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    Didn;t you post this earlier?


    It was posted earlier but I had an issue with my account so had to do it again.


    I notice that the Canberra and closest over the border locations surprisingly don't offer 24 hour access.

    Unusual move in a competitive market not allowing people access to their goods in storage they pay for despite all centres having keypad access and gates. Especially in Canberra where there is such a large shift work population where hours are so varied.



      You may be referring to our office hours. Once you have signed up 24 hour access is available.


    How long do you need to book for to get the free month?

    Can I book for just one month and pay only $22?

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