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Hi all,

I’m looking to buy an external monitor as I’ll be working from home for my new job. I don’t really know much about monitors but hoping you can help shortlist some options for me.

Some main features i’d like:

  • 27 inch
  • Ergonomic (adjustable height)
  • 4K
  • Webcam (nice to have, not essential)
  • Works well with a MacBook (which I’ll be using for work)

Although I’ll be using this mainly for work, I’d like the option to use it for watching movies and some light gaming.

If there’s any other features you’d recommend, I’m all ears.




    Subscribing as I'm also in the market. I can only really find the LG UltraFine 5K that has USB-PD to charge the MacBook and semi-decent reviews after they fixed the WiFi interference issues.

    Was thinking of waiting until after WWDC to see what new might come out.


      I think most, if not all, USB-C screens will charge the macs. Maybe not the full 87w but never had any problems with both my Thinkvision X1 and some LG model charge at 60w.

      5k is another story though. Seems like every other manufacturer has removed their 5k offerings from the market.


    If your heart isn't set on 27", what about dual screens and a docking station/hub?

    I run 2x 22" (2x 24" was just a fraction too big for the width of the desk) and find this is excellent for multitasking.

    (other thing is, it's almost tax time, so consider if you need a new desk and a decent chair for working from home)


      thanks for the suggestion. I need to setup a home office so will need to see how much room i have to work with. I'll definitely be getting this all done before tax time.

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    4k on 27" is a waste

    try 32" 4k , or 27" 2k

    yeah i know your phone has higher ppi but you don't stick your eyes on monitor


    Do you need colour accuracy?


      Not really.. at least i don't think so. I won't be editing photos/videos. Is colour accuracy something which is generally useful for those types of things?


    Works well with a MacBook

    Do you mean the MacBook 12" with a USB-C port?

    If so, take a look at LG 27UK850

    It fits your requirements expect w/o a webcam, It can take USB-C input and support USB PD up to 60W, that means it can charge your MacBook while driving the monitor.


      I'm actually not sure yet what MacBook i'll be getting for work just yet. I'm presuming it will be one with the USB-C port however, so thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a great monitor and the charging feature is very handy.

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