Native or not?

Hi all need your help.

If you know what tree species the following is please post its name here. Also please mention if it's a native tree.




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    Pic please


    Sorry I was trying to figure how to add a pic and hit post.

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    Crab people

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    I believe it's a Robinia pseudoacacia, or commonly known as a Mop Top Tree. They are native to the south eastern United States.


      I second that.

      We had one of these and decided to remove it because of the mess the leaves made, the damage the tree roots were doing to everything and the fact it was sending shoots up to 30m from the tree (including into the neighbours hard) with thorns on it.

      They're a nightmare to remove as well, the moment you disturb the roots or prune it, it will send off even more shoots, even after I drilled several holes into the tree a week or two before removal and poured poison into them.

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