Survey for Shopping Chatbot

Hi ozbargain,

My mate and I have decided to try create a chatbot that provides easy to understand product information. It would really help up if some of you can fill out the following survey. We have made the survey as easy as possible and should only take about 60 seconds.

All responses/ feedback is appreciated.



P.S we have selected to put this on ozbargain as ozb users will be one of our primary users.


  • +1

    IMO chatbots are always useless.
    Whenever I want to contact a store or a company on a website and they throw me their chatbot at me I just tell right away "I want to speak with a real person" or something similar. Usually works.

  • If Yes, what did you like about it ?

    Where's the question … "If Yes, what did you dislike about it" ?

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