Bi-focal, multi-focal glasses?

I am getting old! Just starting need reading glasses, and have very slight distance imperfection. Went to SpecSavers and they said their lense have 3 parts: driving, computer and reading. Sounds good to me. Others I read only give driving and reading.

As I am totally new in this (oldie) era, can someone please guide me to the right direction? For lifestyle purpose, I think I would need one pair of bi or multi-focal, maybe tinted when under the sun.

Looking forward to your sharing thru your own expereinces. Thanks heaps!


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    I was thinking about multifocals but optometrist told me straight away that it takes an effort to get used to them. He mentioned that while looking forward they are OK, looking sideways may be difficult because of blur, so one needs to turn head instead of moving eyes. That was enough for me.

    BTW, they may cost well in excess of $400, so obviously there will be a gap to pay (if you have cover).

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    I have Multi-focal glasses from Specsavers and they are great. Have been getting a couple of pairs every yr for next to nothing from private health insurance. Specsavers usually have a get 2 for 1 deal. I usually get one standard multi focal, and one pair of sunnies for distant view.

    Multi-focal are the natural evolution of bi-focal. You just need to get used to it as the focus range for reading is narrower. You will need to move your head more often to get what you want to read in focus. But I find that way better than lifting up my glasses to read stuff.

  • Thanks AFO and CityEnd for sharing, very insightful. Will keep an eye out for Offers and Promotion.

    I will still have a "normal" reading glasses for bedtime reading, or longer hours reading. What I find annoying is when outside wearing sunnies, or in the car, I need to switch between sunnies and reading glasses…. Enough to drive me up the wall sometimes! I am not that old but my eyes are old :-((

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      Multi-focal are great for driving, I'm able to see the roads and street signs clearly and still be able to read the GPS and stereo screen. However, you need to get used to them, as the lens aren't even, you may experience motion sickness as the bottom left and right of the lens makes things a little wobbly. the focus area is like a "T" shape if you get what I mean. The "-" bit is the long distance which also allows for peripheral view, and the bottom of the "|" is the close reading view.

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    Zenni optical has some nice looking ones for ~$25usd. Have tried their standard ones and look pretty good.

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    My mother got bifocals and she doesn't like them. She probably needed to learn to be used to them.

    From my own experience, transitions lenses (tinted when in the sun) didn't work well, they never really got dark enough. And it was a pain when going from outside to inside, they would be dark for a minute or two.

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    I just had to go mutlifocal. Depressing. But I digress.
    Do not get bifocals, there is a definite line between the two prescriptions.
    Multificals do not have that. It took a while to get used to them, had to go back once to have the frame adjusted so i could see through it better. About two weeks before I was not consciously moving my head about to focus. Even after four months suddenly going for a walk can still be disorienting, and i still avoid wearing them all the time.
    That said, my boss went with two sets of glasses, one short distance and one driving/watching TV. I sit there watching him constantly swap them over, and glad I went with mutifocal solution.

    I swear by transitions lenses, but I am often going in and out. I have single prescription polarised sunglasses as well I use for driving, as transitions don’t darken in a car, but for everyday use very convenient. The negative is going from bright sunlight into the office. Can take a half minute or so to lighten.

  • Thank you all for responding. Will definitely check them all out.

    Went to SpecSavers yesterday and this time a different person, slightly different story. It's doing my head in.. all these options, freebies, premium/standard/basic but at the end of day, still out-of-pocket over $250. Will certainly take my time and ponder.

    Have a great day All.

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