expired Arlec 2000W Convection Panel Heater $79.90 @ Bunnings


Arlec's 2000W Convection Panel Heater with tempered glass is a stylish addition to any room where you need extra warmth. This heater features 2 heat settings for efficient heat circulation, a thermostat to automatically regulate temperature, and a 24 hour programmable timer that lets you program the heater to turn on and off at your convenience.

  • 2 Power settings 1000W/2000W
  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Adjustable Electronic Thermostat 15°C - 35°C
  • Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Remote Control

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    Cheap now but cost of operating this thing over a few winters is hard to justify.

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      low watt heaters may not cost as much to run but barely heat a small room. justification comes down to cost v benefit.

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        I was thinking more vs a split system reverse cycle. Bigger outlay but lower bills.

        Depends on how often that thing is going to be on, and rental vs owner occupied.

        PS. My power bill is about $400 lower this quarter compared to last year since getting rid of those porta heaters and having a split system installed. Heated to tropical climate :S

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          Some don't like the air draught caused by split systems


          PS. My power bill is about $400 lower this quarter compared to last year since getting rid of those porta heaters and having a split system installed.

          Plus, you also must factored in the extra costs you will incur over summer, since you will be using A/C that you didn't use previously.

          So it's going to take you a VERY VERY long time to get the money back on the Split AC.

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          But now I also get cooling.


          Same people that buy Dyson fans multipliers.


        Better off in the long run installing a split system air con…

        probably end up costing a third to run in electricity.

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        Exactly. The cost effective solution is to buy some cheap tracksuit pants and a jumper. Ongoing costs are minimal. Or just a build a fire in your living room.


          I do this but kids don't go so well with this.

          Also, I hav a fire, that is an expensive and annoying way to heat the house. When you have dry wood and it is going it is great, but the hassle is huge.

          Interestingly, whilst wood fire is quite polluting in terms of particles, it is carbon neutral if you buy the right wood. In Vic, running a split system at night to keep warm is mostly powered by burning brown coal. Same if you charge your tesla at night.


          I tuck in my shirt and put two jumpers on. Also tuck in pants with two socks and another pants on top. Wear a beanie. You're all set.


          @TarquinOliverNimrod: Lol What does the rest of the family wear after u have put on all of their clothes?

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          @sn809: we take turns


    Wondering what the retail price is on this heater? I need a heater for the baby room and do not want the air blowing out so was thinking of convection or a oil type heater for bed room.


    Kmart have a 2000W (750/1250/2000W) convection heater with fan, thermo and timer for only $29. No LCD, remote or fancy tempered glass panel though. The fan on mine broke down after the first night. Exchanged it for a new one the next day. Works well tbh.


    Hi Guys,

    I really like the convection heaters for few reasons

    1) It's really quiet
    2) There's no draft or fan breeze
    3) It doesn't feel too dry like the fan ones (that's my impression, but I could be wrong)
    4) it seems to hold constant temperature a little more accurately (particularly the digital controlled ones)

    Although I have a split system, sometimes to heat a small room I use a portable. Cheeers