Online Football/Soccer Management Game Name

Hi guys,

I have a free online game which is also about to become a mobile app, football manager style (you manage your own soccer team).

I want to rename the game before expanding, but I am not sure what name to use. It has to be a catchy name for which an internet domain is available

I am desperate for ideas, and thought maybe my fellow ozbargainers could help! It would be greatly appreciated.

Some things about the game:
- you are a kind of a coach/club manager
- can sell and buy players
- game is turn-based. You login, make decisions and nothing happens until the next turn
- it uses real team names
- human managers compete against each other's teams (and bots)



    Football manager..wait a minute…

    turn based game? is this like that HP hogwarts mysteries with the gems,etc?


      Turn based but there's only a maximum of 6 turns per day (and each team cab only play one match per turn)


    Sounds a lot like Premiership Manager except the 6 turns a day.


      there are a few games of this kind online, but none are very much alike each other. I've personally never heard of Premiership Manager.

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    Nothing is ever going to compete with FM, irrespective of cost.


      That is definitely not the idea. I love FM myself. It's a different proposition, a much simpler game, that takes much less of people's time and allow them to have fun with other managers online.


    you got permissions to use the real team names, and player names

    Sounds like you can only play at a slow pace and do a bit per day. I'd rather play a lot st once. I played championship manager for 30 hours once,


      That's exactly the idea. FM is already king and almost unbeatable in that space. This game is for people with much less time to play, who still love that kind of style but dont have the time for a complex game like FM. Also, there's the community of human managers.

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    "Slow turn based online Football Manager clone game"

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    The Football Manager game that couldn't slow down.

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