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Domains with Namecheap Now Include FREE WhoisGuard Privacy Protection (Was USD $2.99/Year) @ Namecheap


WhoisGuard is now FREE forever when you register a domain with us, including existing domains!

WhoisGuard by Namecheap is a service that offers privacy protection for your domain, keeping your sensitive data safe. Because your data is as important to us as it is to you.

When you register a domain, ICANN requires registrars to provide them with your contact information (such as name, email, address, and phone number). This is then added to the Whois database. This database lists the owners of every domain name online, and it can be searched by anyone on the Internet.

WhoisGuard hides this information from spammers, marketing firms, and online fraudsters. Instead, the Whois database will display generic WhoisGuard contact information. It's the best global domain privacy option you'll find anywhere β€” guaranteed. Because at Namecheap, we care about your privacy protection.

Can I get WhoisGuard with all domains?

WhoisGuard is available for almost all domains Namecheap offers. Due to registry restrictions, WhoisGuard cannot be used with .asia, .ca, .cn, .uk, .co.uk, .de, .eu, .in, .id, .me, .uk, .nu, .li, .ch, .fr, .sg, .com.sg, .org.uk, .us, .es, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .com.au, .net.au, .paris, .vote, .voto, .xn—3ds443g, .nyc, or .org.au domains.

Update 0: Thanks to nahkk and sian72 for identifying that the offer is not applicable to Country code top-level domains.

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    I was excited too, until I saw the tlds excluded from this offer due to legal reasons.

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      WhoisGuard cannot be used with .asia, .ca, .cn, .uk, .co.uk, .de, .eu, .in, .id, .me, .uk, .nu, .li, .ch, .fr, .sg, .com.sg, .org.uk, .us, .es, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .com.au, .net.au, .paris, .vote, .voto, .xn—3ds443g, .nyc, or .org.au domains.

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      Thanks to pointing that out. Updated the post, with credit.

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    Does that mean they officially own your domain on your behalf?

    Or do you own it and the contact info is just masked?

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      Technically (Source):

      Are there any cons to domain privacy?

      The only potential drawback of domain privacy comes down to ownership. Technically the domain name registrant owns the website (in the eyes of ICANN), not you. In most cases, this will never be an issue because it’s unlikely that your registrar is going to steal your domain.

  • I still remember when crazy domains offered privacy on com.au lol

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    Should be in forum. Namesilo is cheaper, has better support and has offered free Whois protection for a long time. This is not a bargain as much as it is Namecheap changing its policies for GDPR.

    I'm also told Namecheap actually increased their registration fees to coincide with this.

    • Their site turns me off :\

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        Yeah it's super old school. I'd like them to update it but they might be hesitant after the backlash Namecheap got for their redesign.

        At least you know these guys are only popular due to word of mouth haha. Their marketing obviously sucks.

    • I still believe this is still considered a deal, especially those that prefer Namecheap or already own a domain with Namecheap. You are correct, however that many registrars do offer some form complimentary WhoIs Protection as a sign up bonus or as long as you're you're subscribed with them.

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        I didn't neg because of that reason, but usually things that are permanent policy changes go in the forum. And like I said, they actually increased their fees with this policy change (Whois aside).

        • I think permanent price drops or changes (e.g. 1, 2, 3) are still okay to post as a deal (I'll let a staff member decide if that's not the case). For your point about them increasing fees, that is definitely concerning if it ends up that the customers of NameCheap, end up paying more from this change.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Yeah, I probably would have said the same for those deals, especially the Woolworths one. Anyway, this just my opinion. It's not like the forum is a place for bad deals. It's just a different place for different stuff.

        • @jazoom:

          No worries, I understand.

    • It is a good deal for those using Namecheap as their registrar of choice.

    • Namecheap prices for .com have gone up. Where to go to now?

      • Namesilo dude.

  • Hover.com have privacy for free as well. What are the domain prices like for namecheap?

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      Quick comparison

      .com (1 Year)
      NameCheap: $14.60 AUD
      Hover: $12.99 USD (~$17.31 AUD)

      .com.au (2 Years)
      NameCheap: $39.84 AUD
      Hover: $39.98 USD (~$53.26 AUD)

      • I was going to go with Go daddy for my .com.au domain name would anyone recommend Namecheap instead?

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          Definitely, anything BUT Godaddy! Also look at namesilo.com or porkbun.com

        • Zuver.com.au is 22AUD per two years the cheapest I found.

        • Don't pick godaddy.

          Go with Netorigin if you want. I have about 80 domains with them. Very happy with support and such.

      • NameCheap almost always have promo codes if you search for them

    • Namesilo too

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    For real privacy you need to register the domain here. https://njal.la/

    For the best prices on domains go here https://tld-list.com/

    Not associated with either.

  • Nothing new anyway most of the registries are adhering to GDPR (EU new privacy information guidelines) and reducing the public information on their WHOIS, and if you want to protect your privacy choose an email address dedicated to receive emails related to your domains and add as safe contact the registrar you are with and use a fake phone number (registries dont call asking for you if any issue will contact the registrar hence a real email address), just gTLDs shows the full details most ccTLDs are more accurate and show name of the registrant,DNS or registrar. Also ICANN is reviewing this practice and it could be prohibited at some point let's see what they will decide. πŸ˜‰