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1/2 Price L'Oreal Paris Skin Care, Make-up and Hair Care Rimmel Make-up Simple Skin Care @ Woolworths


All L'Oreal skin care, hair care and make-up is half price at Woolworths in this week's specials. There are too many products to list but here are some well-reviewed/noteworthy products:

Hair care

Make up

Skin care

Also 1/2 Price

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  • Thanks OP.

  • Is there a significant difference for clay masks, compared to say something like the Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay?

    • There are different clay masks that target different skin concerns. The Aztec Secret is of the bentonite clay and is great for deep cleaning oily/acne prone skin - it's something on my to-try list!

      The L'Oreal ones linked above are a mixture of 3 clays + extra stuff.

      • Ohhhh I see! Thanks!

        That definitely makes sense, I did use the Aztec Secret in the past, but got lazy due to needing to prep the mask mixture. Definitely, seemed effective as a deep cleanser though.

        These L'Oreal options appear to be direct application, which is convenient.

        • Yes most masks sold on the market are already pre-mixed for direct application, but I'm keen to try the Aztec. Did you mix it with apple cider vinegar or something else?

        • @moocher:

          I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar. If I remember right, once it dehydrates, you should expect a tingly feeling and your face may momentarily become blush, due to the astringent nature of the mixture.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Thanks for the information. Haven't tried DIY masks before but will try after I've used up my existing products.

        • @moocher:

          No problems! Hope it gives you positive results whenever you get the opportunity to give it a go!