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Netac P500 Class 10/UHS-1 TF Micro SD Card 32GB US $6.99 (~AU $9) Delivered @ Zapals


inexpensive micro sd card. Zapals had the same deal posted yesterday and it sold out in 30 minutes.

Netac P500 high speed TF card, waterproof, anti-magnetism, anti-extreme temperature and anti-X-ray, is class 10 speed level and can transfer photos, video content from your mobile device to your PC at a no wait rate of 80MB/s.

•UHS-1 high efficiency and Class 10, fast read speed up to 80MB/s to achieve rapid shoot.
•Great speed and high performance for mobile gaming, full HD video recording, high resolution pictures, music and more.
•Suitable for devices with micro SDHC or micro SDXC slots.
•Perfect for cameras, cell phones, vehicle traveling data recorder and more.
•Waterproof, anti-magnetism, anti-extreme temperature and anti-X-ray.


Brand Netac
Model P500
Capacity 32GB
Class 10
Read/Write Speed up to 80MB/s
Product Size 1.5 x 1.1 x 0.1cm
Package Contents 1 x TF Card Netac P500

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  • Words of wisdom: If you value the content you put onto an SD Card - such as your travel / holiday pictures, documents or other valuable data - then don't buy a cheap no-name branded card from a company that is known to deliver fake or counterfeit products. Not even for 9 bucks.

    If it is not important and just need a card to do something with, then maybe it is worth a shot.

    • Netac is far from a no name branded company. Are you saying they've previously sold fake products or do you mean Zapals?

      • I mean Zapals. eg. Samsung earbuds..

        • Won't be a problem then.

        • @Clear: But how do we know if Zapals is offering a fake rebadged 2GB as a 32GB SD card?
          Funny - I had to look up Netac. I've been using Flash since the IBM 8GB USB days (the original), shopped for cards and stuff in HK for years and never noticed this brand at all. It does look suspiciously like a fake Lexar if you get the drift (or maybe Lexars are rebadged?)

          Either case - my statement still stands. Don't go cheap if you are going to use it in your camera when you are going on holidays. I lost quite a few pics from dodgy Kogan SD cards before.

        • @bchliu: Samsung are a very recognisable brand worldwide. Everyone knows there is bound to be fake Samsung. How about Netac? They're very big in Asia and outside to manufacturers for their OEM/ODM. Have you ever heard of a fake Netac? I haven't.

          In the very very very unlikely chance that Zapals (aka ShoppingSquare) sell a fake Micro SD card, Paypal is on your side.

        • @Clear: No.. you didn't get my original message - it will be too late if you took a few hundred photos of your holiday on it when it dies. Not even paypal will refund your valuable memories on that.

        • @bchliu: It's a good practice to test a card when you receive it.

        • @Clear:

          but xiaomi also got fake

        • @phunkydude: Xiaomi is a large well known international brand officially selling into a dozen countries. Their pistons which are faked regularly are made by an American company called 1MORE.

        • @Clear: I'm sure everyone on this forum has the time and patience to do so. Arguably to save a few bucks from a more trusted brand as you have stated below..

        • @bchliu: Takes like 5 minutes. Usually less.

          Unleash your inner-OzBargain and use this for less important files and buy Samsung from LITB for more important files.

        • @Clear: Just quoting myself "If it is not important and just need a card to do something with, then maybe it is worth a shot."

        • @Clear:
          I think the point they are making is that you are entrusting your data, and may lose it depending on chances with the general reliability and reputation of the card. So yes you may be able to make a refund claim within 6 months etc, but if you have already lost your data then that is the real loss and no refund will change that.

        • @chyawala: There are no fake Netac cards. Suggesting this could be fake because of Zapals isn't true.

        • @Clear:
          My comment is in regards to whether the card has a reputation for being reliable, not whether it is a fake.

          The question we are asking is how can I trust my data on this card for which seems very cheap, never heard of the brand, is from a cheap Chinese online store (which has sold fakes), and I have no reference to it's reputation or reliability?

        • @chyawala:

          then don't buy a cheap no-name branded card from a company that is known to deliver fake or counterfeit products. Not even for 9 bucks.

          That's the point that they were making as you say. I have said that there are no known fake or counterfeit Netac cards.

        • @Clear:
          I'm sure others would be interested in your response to the points I raised.

          How can I trust my data on this?

          Never heard of this brand.

          The vendor is a bargain basement seller from overseas which has a reputation for selling fakes, and cannot be trusted as you would a local store which would uphold it's reputation and for which transactions are covered by ACL.

          A link to reference the cards reputation and reliability with real world use.

        • @Clear:

          I wouldn't depend on PayPal for a resolution.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Which would be irrelevant to this context. Of all people I would have expected you to be aware that's how PP have been operating in that instance for a very long time with all sellers.

          I've always provided PP and even AliExpress' dispute team with Auspost letterheads when something has gone missing. Hasn't failed me once and both have actually requested it before.

        • @chyawala: Truthly you can never trust a single source of storage with your data. No matter the brand or tech, drives can die.

          Countless videos on YouTube are available for the P500 series. Consider those benchmarks, the price and what sort of data you're willing to store and go from there.

          I personally wouldn't be using this to store important life events. Then again I don't store anything of value on a single piece of storage. That's just plain stupid. I would use this for my Raspberry Pi to run an OS or some ROMs for my emulator.

        • @Clear:

          My point was that it would be better to not rely on PayPal resolution process or any other resolution process as a solution, no matter how unlikely you think the deal will turn out for the worse. It's arguably more worth it, time-wise and frustration-wise to opt for the more reliable cards (of course, this is relative and in some cases subjective), especially if you value your data.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Rely on your bank and anything else you might have for these.

  • I so badly want to believe this is usable but how could you trust your data on something that cheap?

  • Everyone sells fakes - even amazon at times. What you get a lot of the time is just luck of the draw.

    if its not what you purchased charge it back.

    • Well…. the thing is there are more fake products than real, the saving of marketing and customer service where the fake one cost zero~~

    • That is not true. If you buy from verified vendors, then you don't get fakes.

      Buying from Zapals is another story..

  • How does Netac fare when comparing with other bigger brands in general?

    • Not specific to Netac, but in general, Quality Checking Process, Quality of Internal Components and Value of Reputation (Disposable/Non-disposable = more/less likely to cut corners).

  • •UHS-1 high efficiency and Class 10, fast read speed up to 80MB/s to achieve rapid shoot"

    Haha someone should tell them that's not how it works =P

  • This was initially $5.99 in their first email about it. But it was ozbargained.

  • I won't buy things like this unless someone has ordered one already and has done a repeatable benchmark test and I can get a refund immediately if the benchmark doesn't match.

  • bought one anyway for my dashcam

  • Cheers got one. Hope its legit.

  • are these any good for dash cam?

  • Why pay 9 for 32, if you can get 512 for 17?