Thief Opened My Ford Focus without Keys

I own a 2014 Ford Focus. It has the "Auto Lock after some time" feature as well. We rarely use the car as we are a heavy public transport using family.

Last weekend I decided to take the car out for shopping and found things messy inside, drawers opened, things pulled out etc. I yelled at my wife saying if she was in a hurry looking for something, she better come back to put things back in place. She swore to god she did not open the and I told her off saying there is no way someone else opens the car without a key. I was so confident since we have never given the key to anyone.

Last few days she has painstakingly going through videos after coming home from work to proof that it was not her. I thought she has gone nuts. She, went through 2 weeks of videos (from the day we took the car last time) to find this. I am dumbfounded and speechless.

Video Link

How the hell this thief get into the car. :-o. Look how easily he/she opens it, as if it was never locked. I just went out and checked the lock of the car. It seems fine. He/She must have come jumping through the fence from the next door since I don't see anyone coming from the Road side. Once he/she is done with her business, he/she calmly walks to the road and walks away.


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  • and that's why you need a dog! glad it wasn't worse and that you and your family are safe.

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      What does this got to do with a dog?

      Understand that getting a dog, is getting 20 years of commitment.

      Not for guarding unlocked car at night.

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    Car was clearly unlocked - if the thief had unlocked it with a remote the indicators would have flashed.

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    Occam's Razor wins again!

    • Excellent point!

      'tis also what Heath Franklin calls as "IQ based wealth redistribution". If you're dumb enough to leave your car unlocked, a robber deserves to effortlessly take any valuables left in there.

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    I'm too late with this answer but the thief opened your car without keys because he was 'car hopping'.

  • I used to have a ford focus with remote central locking. This one time, my housemate's brother was over with his ford focus, same year and model, and i went out to get get something out of his car, and when i unlocked his car, my car also unlocked. Was never able to replicate the issue - but it happened!

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      Your friend was laughing behind the door holding your car key.

  • Omg all these comments.
    The OP learned about 5 posts in that he never locked the door. thread needs to be updated or removed.

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      I’m sure he would just blame his wife.

      Just yell at her and tell her off.

      After all when she is in a hurry she never puts things back.

      Although she is a bit crazy…. I mean who would actually look for evidence on a video when clearly it’s obvious what happened.

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        Because she's with a cowardly bully who also does not trust her, the only option she has to prove her point is by going through hours of video footage. I feel sorry for the woman.

        • I don't know that I would put it so strongly and offensively…
          definitely trust issues on OP' part maybe it goes both ways, maybe she doesn't trust him for his word either.
          I predict future post from OP, where to find a good divorce layer I can TRUST lol.
          Definitely not cool that she had to go to such lengths just to probe she was not lying .. But not knowing them personally and the full reasons behind this mistrust (if there is reasons) I won't comment further .

  • Don't worry! Technology will save us.

    Me? I use this knob inside the door and a key from outside.
    So far, so good.

  • Why do posters have to tell us thier life story every time they put up a post OMG.
    This makes everything very confusing as the facts get lost in the forage all the time
    Just get to the point pls.

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      It's about the journey, not the destination

  • Over 2 weeks of footage? That's an impressive amount of video storage..

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    You should have trusted your wife and never yelled at her.

    You’re lucky she hasnt left you yet.

  • at least they closed the door so the battery wasn't flat the next time you went to use it.

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    More importantly than anything else, I think you should reconsider how you treat your wife most importantly, and then all women. The language you used (gone nuts, she had better put things back in place) is disgusting and you brushing it off like it's nothing is even more worrying.

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      exactly. op sounds like a bully

    • Exactly my thoughts as well.

  • The cops told me that my Ford could be opened with some scissors bought from a $2 shop. This was after it had been opened 3x.

  • Have had our car gone through a few times in the driveway. Each time I’ve blamwd myself for not locking it. I still forget to lock occasionally, and often just before bed I’ll have to grab the keys and head to the window to re-lock to be sure.

    That car wasn’t liocked, the thief was just trying his luck. Probably checked a few other cars in the area too.

    Same thing happened in our suburb recently according to the local community Facebook group. Several unlocked cars rifled through and valuables pinched over a few nights, no actual break ins though. They must have moved on because it’s been good since.

  • Nothing new, today you can get those special keys even to open Mercedes… cost about $1000 for a key, they make them somewhere in Bulgaria. If you do a good search can buy even online, delivered to your do via DHL!!! For some, it becomes a full time job. Sometime if you pay your attention, you can spot those people in busy car parks outside of the shopping malls. They will be in small groups, wearing hats and hoodies. Their job is just to open cars and take valuables. For luxury cars, the key code grabber usually costs more, for cars like Ford, Toyota around $500. The most difficult cars to open is Mercedes, they have the most advance code system.

    The best thing is not to leave anything valuable in the car, and do not lock it, just keep it open. People who wants to open will open it anyway and if they want to take your car they will take it regardless of how secure it can be.

  • It is not too hard to open a lot of cars without the keys and you are foolish to rely on the car locking itself.

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    Friends car was stolen via some new hack with picking up car signal via some signal grabber. I forget the name of the hack but they need to be within a certain distance of the key.

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    I think the OP's marriage crisis is way worse than what happened in the video…

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    Trust your wife.

    You think she lies to you.
    She thinks you think she lies to you.

    Good luck.

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    Your wife has to prove her trust? Geez mate.

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      Exactly my thoughts, sounds like a crap relationship from the wife's perspective.

  • my 2004 toyota kluger has this auto lock feature too, only auto locks when you did not open the doors after unlocking with remote

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    Should rename this thread to "thief opened my ford focus without keys because I left it unlocked".

    • Or what my wife had to endure just to prove what she said was the truth, with me not believing her without video evidence

  • I believe OP might have got his answer. Thread closed.

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