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QUAKE 10.0 Pre Workout $19.95 (Was $65.95 ) + OxyWhey Swiss Chocolate 2lb $34.95 (Normally $65) + $10 Shipping @ Elite Supps


Use code "FAMILY10" for 10% off! Haven't used this myself but seems to have decent reviews online + added BCAAs inside. Pretty cheap for 40 servings (1 scooped). The protein is well renowned and tastes pretty good for a chocolate protein. Note that the protein has an Exp date 07/18 - Expired protein is still good for another year fyi :)

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    wow last time i played it was still Quake 4


    Pretty expensive per serve considering you need 2 scoops (not 1) was as per label

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      Actually if you look at the ingredients composition, 1 scoop of this is similar to 1 scoop of any other entry level pre-workout. So you'd be flying with 2.


        Seems like bulk nutrients preworkout 101 is better value long term.


          Yeah i think you're right. But that's like comparing ON protein to BN protein, it's ultimately cheaper at BN but as far as protein goes it is missing flavour and mix-ability (not denouncing it though I love and use it personally). The premium you pay for ON is for the brand name + fillers they use. As I assume is the case for Scivation Quake vs Preworkout 101.

          How is Preworkout 101 btw? I haven't tried it yet and was hoping to get your opinion on it.


          @kenunderscore: Looking at the nutrition info panel of both, I much prefer having 3 grams of pure citrulline per scoop in Quake than having 1.5 grams of citrulline malate (which will yield 0.75grams of pure citrulline) per scoop of Preworkout 101. Every other ingredients in both are pretty much pixie dusted in besides the caffeine.


    It may say 40 scoops on the container but it states 20 serves (2 scoop per serve) on the site. So not sure which way to go

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    Use coupon 'Elite15' for 15 percent off! Bought 9 tubs and planning on single scooping it. Gonna last a while :)

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