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Nikka 12yo Japanese Blended Whisky $199 + $15 Shipping @ Whisky Direct (Elsewhere $270+)


The Nikka 12, category winner in 'Best Japanese Blended Whisky 12 Years & Under' 2015-2017 is currently available at WhiskyDirect for $199! At other sites it is available for between $269 and $375.

See prices for the Nikka 12 at https://thewhiskylist.com.au/whisky/japan/nikka/nikka-12

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  • +2

    Wow, even that special price is insane. I know it is irrelevant, but the Japanese price is just over 6000 yen (tax included), which is $72.
    It is actually slightly cheaper in Japan compare to their Coffey range, which can be bought in the $120-$150 range in Australia.

    • Was thinking the same thing, I’m pretty sure I paid sub 5000y for this in early 2017.

    • It's crazy hey. The price of Japanese in general is out of control

    • +1

      Yep, saw it for 5980 1 week ago in Tokyo.

      • Where in Tokyo did you see it btw? I keep struggling to find it, most liquor stores I go to keep saying it's out of stock (I have this problem for all aged Jap whiskies…)

  • +4

    Love Japanese whisky but there is some serious Scotch available for half this money.

    • +1

      You're not wrong. It's amazing how much of it still sells for even crazier prices… e.g. This Hibiki 17 craze!

  • $200 at duty free

    • +5

      That should say something about Duty Free to us. A local retailer buying at prices that include Duty selling for the same price as Duty Free.

      • It depends on the products, generally overseas duty free shops are good, even Kiwi is cheaper.

        • Yeah theres definitely good stuff to be found in DF. Laphroiag PX, Port Charlotte CC01, some Kavalans. But in general, if it can be found in a local shop its likely not any cheaper ar DF.

          Its the result of DF working off 80% margin ha. They squeeze the shit out of suppliers.

  • +1

    It's not a memorable drop. Nikka barrel is much better value for money

    • Really? It’s great, I’m drinking it right now.

      • This is about the most common aged statement whisky available in Japan for a reason :)

        • Age statement japenese whisky becomes less common with each announcement from Suntory ;)

          And yes, Nikka FTB is fantastic value for money.

        • +1

          @thewhiskylist: suntory needs to stop making announcements!

        • hahaha! Seriously! it's f$*&ing with the market lol

  • This is like $60 at donki shirokanedai

  • Just some site feedback. That site is obnoxious with the huge static header taking up half the page. James it unusable on a full HD tablet. Is had to try it on a phone.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it on to the owner of the site!

  • Wow got from dekanta for $69 usd with free shipping. Now it’s $199 usd on their site. No box though. Haven’t opened yet

    • Sell it.

  • +3

    We drunk a $300 bottle of whisky straight from the bottle over new years thinking it was cheap stuff. It was only the next day that I googled it to realise how expensive it was. And I can confirm that the expensive stuff gives you just as much of hangover.

  • +2

    @thewhiskylist Nice website … I use regularly to scout out whiskey's on sale. Good to see you guys here doing some of the hard work instead!

    Have an up vote.

    • Thank you!! We like it. Our wallets do not haha.


  • +1

    Daaaamn nikka! This is a good deal!

    • +1

      True.. But excise will take it to around $150 and you'll have to wait 2-3 months(!). We don't list overseas businesses because we prefer to support locals and want to avoid the complications of added shipping and import fees.

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